Baby Gear

Essential Baby Gear for Your Precious Baby!

Having a baby is one the most exciting things that any parent can experience. Much emphasis is placed on ensuring a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery, but mom can easily look forward to tons of baby gear that meet these goals as well as are fun for her.

Arriving home from the hospital gives way to an entirely different way of life and accommodating the new baby. This is why baby’s first crib is so important – it’s the first piece of furniture you’ll use, and babies sleep quite a lot.

When baby isn’t in the crib, he’s probably on the go with mom and dad. A great baby gear kit will always include a diaper bag or backpack to hold all the baby’s needs for a day on the town.

To transport the baby, consider an over-the-shoulder sling or carrier. You’ll also need a convenient stroller to make quick trips to the grocery or department store for diapers and formula.

Not only do the parents of the new baby benefit from modern baby gear, but any caregiver will appreciate a stockpile of tools to make their job easier.

Little ones grow so quickly that we can’t believe they’re trying to walk within a few short months. Investing in a safe and sturdy bouncer/rocker combo not only encourages physical activity and muscle development, but also keeps baby safe when you must put him down.

When the baby isn’t sleeping, he’s probably eating or taking a bath. Thus, a special tub and high chair will be in order for the perfect package of baby gear. Consider the ease in use of the tub, as well as storage while not in use.

High chairs should be safe and easy to clean as well. However, don’t forget to include bottle warmers, baby-safe utensils and bowls. Bibs are also a huge part of mealtime, and should be included in any stock baby gear package.

Eating, playing, sleeping and…changing. The diaper changing table is also an important investment and handy piece of furniture that must be included in the nursery. Also remember to coordinate the hamper so it matches the décor of the nursery, as well as a comfy rocking chair for breastfeeding moms.

Practical toys that are age appropriate should also be included in any baby gear kit. These will stimulate development and learning habits, as well as occupy baby with healthy choices in activities. Include a sturdy playard and toy box, too.

Toy boxes come in an array of styles and themes, and can be personalized to match any nursery the parents have in mind. Over time, this box will become increasingly full of several toys from friends and family, and may even become a family heirloom.

Ensuring that the new parents have all the necessary baby gear to make their transition and life easier after the arrival is essential. A variety of baby gear available today allows every addition to the home to be stylish and coordinating to invite the entire family to enjoy these first years together.