Baby Gifts

Personalized Baby Gifts Stand Above the Rest

Making a baby gift beautiful and special is quite easy with the many options available today. Ordinary baby shower gifts become extraordinary when they are personalized to have special meaning for the parents and baby, using a few simple methods.

There are many ways to create personalized baby gifts. Stickers may be printed to be placed on the bottom of a cup or plate, you may emboss or engrave the side of a glass with the baby’s name or initials, and special stitching can be applied with virtually any gift made of cloth.

Personalized baby gifts can even be made so with a special message or phrase. Photos and logos can also be added to virtually any ordinary item to make it truly unique and special for the recipient family. Stock photos available online or from any printer can be used, as well as one which is of the parents-to-be or family.

Impersonal gifts are extremely ordinary. Although the parents may register for specific baby gifts, personalization can mean so much more and create a keepsake for several generations. Monograms, printing and other means can permanently record this memorable occasion!

Every child loves the Slumber Bear, which is soft and sturdy to withstand baby’s play. When the bear is personalized as a baby shower gift or first birthday gift, the recipient can always keep it as a special reminder of someone who cared enough to make it special.

Booster pillows are essential to growing baby, and Dilly the Duck is made of soft and sensuous cashmere. Add baby’s name in your chosen color, and enjoy the notion that it will be used as a head rest during story time, or a soft pad for sitting on hard surfaces.

Story time is always a great opportunity to create memories, especially when conducted with the child’s favorite story. A personalized Fairy Tale book can include stories written by mom and dad, and signed for future use as a keepsake item. As the giver of the book, consider signing it and printing the name of the baby on the cover for a special and unique touch.

Birth celebrations are recorded permanently with a special birth plate. Paint the new baby’s name on this plate, along with his or her date of birth and weight. This will not only serve as a decorative item for the parents’ household, but also as a future keepsake for the child when grown.

Any ordinary gift can be made special through personalization. Painting, stitching or engraving the baby’s name, birthday and weight on virtually anything will generate a reaction from the parents and onlookers when opened.

Consider monogramming the baby’s initials on a blanket, t-shirt, towel or bib for an easy option to make them extraordinary. Choose something from mom’s baby gift registry, and add a personal touch to create a special surprise that she will never expect! Everyone will wish they had though of it, and she will always remember your extra-special effort on her special day.