BabyBaby tips for every mom - from baby products, baby cribs, baby gifts to baby games. We offer advice and information on all topics about baby.

Baby Shower

Baby ShowerSome baby showers today are very casual get-togethers with friends and family. Others may be more formal and elaborate, from everything from the food and theme, favors, talent and more.

How To Get Pregnant

How To Get PregnantTrying to get pregnant? We offer amazing tips on getting pregnant, helping you to have a baby. Learn how to get pregnant fast.


PregnancyAll about pregnancy: signs of pregnancy, pregnancy week and week and pregnancy calendar. Tips to help you and your growing baby.


ParentingThere are very few factors of parenting that are as important as communication. For human beings, there is nothing as fundamental and effective as communication, which is the cornerstone of all relationships.

Baby Products

Baby ProductsTips for buying great baby products at amazing prices. All baby products, from baby cribs, baby gifts, baby shoes to baby games.

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Having babies is very involving, but it brings so much joy to you. Once the baby is born, there are many things to think about: baby names, baby formula, baby clothes, baby products and baby gifts. You will need to plan your life around your babies.


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 Dot Babies understands that having a baby is a special moment for every mom and dad. We endeavour to provide you with important information on many aspects of having babies, from pregnancy, childbirth, deciding on your baby’s name, and tips on how to buy clothes and products for the baby. Babies are precious, and we provide you with all the information you need to help you have a healthy, stress-free and enjoyable time as a family – you and your babies.


At Dot Babies, we know that all moms and dads have very busy lives, yet they want to make the best of the wonderful gift in their lives – their babies. We are therefore fully committed to be your ultimate source of all the information you need as a parent. Our writers are real life moms who share what they know about babies and what they are passionate about – helping parents of all ages to have magical and joyful times with their babies.


Couples thinking about starting a family need to think about all the several aspects: conception, pregnancy and childbirth. Newborn infants require special care and attention – and parents needs to know how to take care of their babies.


We warmly invite you explore all the information we have on Dot Babies: Babies, Baby, Pregnancy, How To Get Pregnant, Baby Names, Baby Shower, Baby Clothes, Baby Products, Labor And Delivery, Parenting, Toddlers.


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Baby Shower

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