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Essential Baby Gear for the Entire Family

Having a baby is one the most exciting things that any parent can experience. Much emphasis is placed on ensuring a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery, but mom can easily look forward to tons of baby gear that meet these goals as well as are fun for her.

Arriving home from the hospital gives way to an entirely different way of life and accommodating the new baby. This is why baby’s first crib is so important – it’s the first piece of furniture you’ll use, and babies sleep quite a lot.

When baby isn’t in the crib, he’s probably on the go with mom and dad. A great baby gear kit will always include a diaper bag or backpack to hold all the baby’s needs for a day on the town.

To transport the baby, consider an over-the-shoulder sling or carrier. You’ll also need a convenient stroller to make quick trips to the grocery or department store for diapers and formula.

Not only do the parents of the new baby benefit from modern baby gear, but any caregiver will appreciate a stockpile of tools to make their job easier.

Little ones grow so quickly that we can’t believe they’re trying to walk within a few short months. Investing in a safe and sturdy bouncer/rocker combo not only encourages physical activity and muscle development, but also keeps baby safe when you must put him down.

When the baby isn’t sleeping, he’s probably eating or taking a bath. Thus, a special tub and high chair will be in order for the perfect package of baby gear. Consider the ease in use of the tub, as well as storage while not in use.

High chairs should be safe and easy to clean as well. However, don’t forget to include bottle warmers, baby-safe utensils and bowls. Bibs are also a huge part of mealtime, and should be included in any stock baby gear package.

Eating, playing, sleeping and…changing. The diaper changing table is also an important investment and handy piece of furniture that must be included in the nursery. Also remember to coordinate the hamper so it matches the décor of the nursery, as well as a comfy rocking chair for breastfeeding moms.

Practical toys that are age appropriate should also be included in any baby gear kit. These will stimulate development and learning habits, as well as occupy baby with healthy choices in activities. Include a sturdy playard and toy box, too.

Toy boxes come in an array of styles and themes, and can be personalized to match any nursery the parents have in mind. Over time, this box will become increasingly full of several toys from friends and family, and may even become a family heirloom.

Ensuring that the new parents have all the necessary baby gear to make their transition and life easier after the arrival is essential. A variety of baby gear available today allows every addition to the home to be stylish and coordinating to invite the entire family to enjoy these first years together.

Let Your Baby Look Smart With Designer Baby Clothes!

Fashion dictates have become a big part of our lives today! Many top designers now design a range of top-of-the-line infant clothes, and many parents opt to buy them to have their little ones outshining everyone else! With the recession, many parents will tell you that buying designer baby clothes for your little one is silly, since babies tend to outgrow their clothes very fast!

But look at it this way. When you buy designer clothes for yourself, you’re not likely to wear them for more than one season, right? So it’s perfectly OK to buy the best you can for your baby, and have all your friends exclaiming over how smart he looks wearing that designer label! The good thing is, you can even sell it off on eBay and get back some of the money you spent after the baby has outgrown it!

Baby Dior

The first designer to popularize the concept of high-end designer baby clothes was Christian Dior. This designer infant clothes line is called Baby Dior, and can be found at It includes everything a baby needs: feeding bottles, body suits, velour pyjamas, booties, shoes, and even a gold ballerina style slipper for your baby girl that you’ll want to preserve forever! This ultimate baby range also has a perfect baby teddy bear for your tot! also stocks a high-end range of baby clothes called the Dolce and Gabbana Junior, which features elite baby wear!

Baby Phat!

Phat Farm is an extensive line created by the famous Rapper and Def Jam musician Russell Simmons. Russell created Baby Phat as a promotional gimmick for Phat Farm. He designed Baby Phat tee shirts for little girls, which soon became all the rage, especially with celebrities. Soon after, Kimora Lee, Simmon’s wife, took over this line and designed the entire Baby Phat range. Notwithstanding the name Baby Phat, most of the clothes in this line aren’t actually for babies! However, look for baby clothes under the Girlz line in Infants and Newborns. will give some really cute girl clothes at reasonable prices, while baby boy clothes can be found at!

Anne Geddes

Anne Geddes is one of the most famous baby photographs in the entire world. Although she is a photographer more than a designer, Geddes has designed and launched an extensive online baby product range, inspired by the props and costumes used for her baby photographs. Her most popular line is the Baby Bear line. Cute good quality choices for babies include the Daffodil Dress and Baby Bunny Jacket. Look for the Anne Geddes baby products at

Looking through designer baby clothes is always fun, whether you buy them or not! Regrettably, you’re unlikely to find any of these at the Goodwill. However, buying your baby one designer item every season won’t affect your pocket drastically, and you definitely won’t regret it! Thankfully, prices for designer baby clothes aren’t as high as they once were. So go ahead, and make your baby look smart and lovable today!

Summer Fun And Swimwear For Your Little Tot!

Summer’s finally here! It’s time to get some swimwear for your little one and head out to the pool! Babies love playing in water, and this is the best season to take advantage of this! Even babies who are just five weeks old love the water. Whilst swimming before the two month immunizations was not advised before, it is now! You can ask your health professional, but you’ll most definitely get a go-ahead!

Pool Diapers!

The first order of the day is to get a swim diaper for the baby. Swim diapers are either worn under other swimwear or worn alone. With a synthetic outer coating which is waterproof and a cloth lining inside, these diapers are machine washable and will deal with any solid waste released by the baby in the pool, efficiently taking care of your embarrassment in public pools! The chlorinated water can deal with urine, so you need not worry about that.


Similar to older kid’s swimwear, baby swimsuits consist of trunks or full body tanks for your baby boy. For baby girls, the bikini or one-piece style is the trend! Baby swimwear comes in cute designs and sun hats, which look adorable on the baby! Look around, but don’t expect too much for babies who are less than three months old.

Baby wetsuits are ideal for swimming since they are designed to keep your baby warm and comfortable in the water. Looking very professional and built to fit over the swim diaper, they are just the right thing for your future swim champ!

Baby floatation devices!

Floatation devices come in all shapes and forms today: inflatable swimsuits, inflatable boats, inflatable tubes, rubber rings, water wings and so on and so forth! Most floatation devices are built for kids who are more than a year old. First rule of the pool: Don’t leave your baby alone, even if he or she is in a floating device. Moreover, don’t accustom your kids to inflatable rings, since it’s going to be much more difficult for them to learn swimming without!


There is a special sunscreen for babies with a very high sun protection factor to protect your little one’s skin. A good waterproof sunscreen is essential for the baby, so apply it liberally. Sun rays are even more dangerous now, with the holes in the ozone layer, and can reflect off the water on to the skin of the baby. Cover the little one’s head too, for she is likely to complain if you make her wear a hat! Sunscreen is an essential part of a baby’s swimwear. Also, keep the hat handy for the moment after your baby is done swimming!

Baby Toys For Your Baby-From Infant To Toddler

All parents know that their babies like to play! Whether they are infants or toddlers, babies just love playing! As babies grow, they want to learn more about the new world they are in by touching, tasting, seeing, hearing, and sensing! At their age, there is no differentiation between learning new things and enjoying themselves. This is where baby toys come into the picture!

Activity gyms tap into a baby’s potential for endless fascination by tapping, kicking, squirming and jolting, all in the name of fun! Riding toys also entertain whilst serving to expend their natural energy. Exploring is what babies do best, and this is best done in a safe environment with lots of colorful toys, such as a playard! Young babies also require play mats which allow them to move along at their own pace on colorful platforms that are extremely safe and sound. All these activities are developing their minds, and at the same time improving eye-hand coordination and motor control faculties.

Action figure toys are especially popular with kids, who love enacting scenes and jumping and running around with their much loved superhero! Some of the popular action figure toys include Spiderman with his crime-fighting excitement or Elmo with whom they can learn their ABCs.

When you take your baby outside, occupy her with a toy that will make her more inclined to smile than to be fussy! Whether you’re going in a car or a stroller, take along a favorite toy which is attachable to either. You’ll find your baby being entertained without you having to fuss!

You can even buy a mobile baby mobile, which attaches itself onto the stroller or car seat, and is easily folded up when required! Baby mobiles which are portable normally have toys which can be attached on to the bar: ideal for transport! And at home, the same mobile can be attached in the nursery, directly over the crib!

Musical toys help the baby to develop sound recognition and differentiation, pattern recognition and other mental skills as they laugh along with the music. Babies know when they’re having fun, and music is always, always fun!

Building blocks and building sets such as Lego are imperative for babies who are growing older. They can use them to build a medieval tower, a Star Wars Cantina or even a Roman bridge. How exciting! Building blocks range in complexity from large blocks for younger babies to smaller ones as babies grow up.

Electronic baby toys are all the rage today. Babies in today’s world start learning about ways to have fun and learn with DVDs, Computer games, computer toys, videos and the like at a very young age!

Learning toys aid children in both learning as well as entertainment! Babies are given toys which continuously fascinate and educate, all at the same time! Here, there is so much choice that any parent will have a hard time picking out the right toys for their babies. Baby toys that teach colors, numbers, letters and shapes are available at most toy stores and are lots of fun for the kids!

Science toys such as dinosaurs, planets, butterflies, magnets and stars are another favorite. You’ll be surprised at how fast young children can be when it comes to learning exciting stuff in biology, geography and the like. Science toys also provide lots of continual enjoyment for the young ones.

At the end of the baby’s day, a nice warm bath is essential before bedtime. This is where dunk the Ducky and Squirt the Pelican come into the picture! Fun is a never-ending process for babies, as they sail their tiny boats in the tub!

Looking at the assortment of baby toys in any toy store today, you’ll wish you were a kid again. Baby toys are just so much fun!

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