Baby Monitors are a Must-Have Baby Gear Item

March 17, 2009 by  
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Caring for babies is a full-time job and has been so for several generations. However, modern moms have a great advantage that grandma probably didn’t: baby monitors. These handy little devices allow mom and dad to remotely listen to and even watch baby while he sleeps or plays, keeping him safe even when they aren’t in the same room

Baby monitors are continually being updated to become more sophisticated and user-friendly. Technological advances in fields such as home security, sound technology and television have lent a helping hand to great options for ideal and much-needed baby gear.

Today, some versions even add the option of motion detectors or other sensors in addition to the standard audio and visual feeds. Soon these will also become standard applications used in for baby gear like baby monitors.

For a discount baby gear option, some parents may opt for the simpler version of baby monitors that offer only listening abilities. These monitors contain a microphone that sends any sound happening in baby’s room to the parent’s dual monitor in another room. Many of these models also allow you to clip them onto your waistband or other clothing item while you finish other chores during naptime.

Everyone loves watching television, and baby monitors are using this feature now as well. The baby’s monitor is equipped with a camera that transmits visual feed to mom and dad’s unit so they can not only listen, but also watch for when he wakes up.

In the past, older baby monitor models didn’t allow you to go very far before losing the signal between the two units. However, modern versions allow you to travel much further, and even allow you to plant those spring bulbs or trim the bushes.

If you work away from home but still want to check in on baby occasionally, consider an advanced model that can be programmed to transmit images and sound to your computer. Even if you work at home, this is a great way to combine technologies in all areas of your life, allowing for an easier transition for new parents.

Much like your home security system, you can also program these monitors to record any visual or audio feed for later viewing. This will allow you to review the footage when it’s most convenient for your schedule if there is ever a reason to suspect something of value was recorded.

This is a great way for mom and dad to keep their sanity while keeping baby safe. If your baby ever becomes ill or injured, recorded information can become extremely useful to you and the physician.

Families with several children can invest in multiple sets of baby monitors and stream feeds from every room of the house to be recorded.

Motion sensors can be uniquely set to record when a certain level of movement is detected in baby’s room. Baby monitors are the next best thing to actually being there physically, and provide a great way to warn you should anything happen that could concern you in the future.