Toys Can Be Educational and Stimulating, Too

March 30, 2009 by  
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Every new baby and young child seems to have more than his fair share of toys these days. However, each and every toy will offer specific education or development opportunities for the little one. Every child has his or her favorite toys in tow wherever they go, leading to personality and healthy development every parent enjoys witnessing.

Baby gear stock should always consist of educational toys that are also entertaining. Toy lines such as Baby Einstein products are designed with little ones’ senses in mind, with large and boldly colored objects to look at and play with. Books, blocks and noisemakers all contribute to good motor function and muscle development, as well as association behaviors.

The old-fashioned game consisting of various shapes of blocks to push through matching holes is actually still a great toy for any baby. Although he is amusing himself and learning to play alone at times, he’s also learning that not every block will fit in each hole. Learning this shape and size association contributes to later abilities that allow him to recite the alphabet and develop short sentences.

Baby gear that contributes to muscle development and control is also vital to baby’s growth periods. They have a ton of energy to get rid of, and sometimes mom and dad are too tired to continue playing! This is where a bouncer or walker equipped with a mobile or noisemaker is ideal. It keeps him satisfied and occupied while you take a rest, and is still encouraging healthy brain and physical development.

Dolls, though they seem like a simple toy, are also advantageous. Models which talk or produce human-like sounds teach baby about communication and help to develop his or her expression mechanisms. Dressing a baby doll also teaches young children about shape and size, and can lead to him or her learning to dress themselves.

After completing the baby gear collection with a wide range of educational and stimulating toys, it’s time to create a place to store them all. Leaving toys spread throughout the house can lead to germ-infested playthings that get put into baby’s mouth, as well as create a safety hazard for every member of the family.

Toy chests may be a new baby gear item or an old family heirloom, and can always be personalized or found in a coordinating design to compliment the nursery and home décor. Animal lovers like the farmhouse toy chest, which also works great in old farmhouses or country homes. Little animals that fill the chest teach baby about different types of animals, and educational games can allow them to learn about different sound associations.

Other themes such as baseball or princess designs are also available for storing toys, but perhaps mom and dad had a different idea for the chest. Rich hardwoods with a customized finish not only are sturdy and ready to be handed down to the next generation someday, but can also compliment the home’s interior and be used for other things after baby has grown.