Eco Baby

Get The Best For Your Baby With Organic Baby Products!

Ask any parent today, and they’ll tell you that they want organic products for their baby all the way! With a controlled use of chemicals, organic products are deemed to be the fittest for your baby compared to standard products. Most organic products are fair trade, which assures you as a parent that the manufacturer isn’t making money through unfair and exploitative means!

As a parent, you’ll feel secure in knowing that no chemical and toxic substances are getting within a hair’s breadth of your baby’s body! Luckily, there are various types and forms of organic baby care products on the market today!

Organic Baby Bath Products

The type of bath wash and lotion that you use for your baby is very important! Organic bath products usually consist of natural ingredients such as herbal oils. In fact, most of the soaps used for your baby should be plant-based, as should the colors and fragrances used. Lacking chemicals, these products are easier on the skin, hence reducing the possibility of the development of skin rashes or irritations. Also, if your baby ends up swallowing some of the bath water, you shouldn’t worry! It’s organic!

Organic Diaper Cream

Organically formulated diaper creams are very popular, and are one hundred percent natural! Made of beeswax, herbal essence oils and plant-derived butters, this cream is ideal for a baby’s sensitive bottom, since it is very soothing and unlikely to cause a skin rash in this area!

Organic Baby Food

If the label on the can says ‘organic’, buy it. This means it has been grown in a controlled environment without pesticides and other chemicals. In the last two decades, organic food for the whole family, including the baby, has become the in thing! Purified water has been used in the growing for organic baby food. Also, organic fruits and vegetables which are sold as baby foods after mashing and straining are better since they haven’t been processed too much!

Today, a parent has the option of buying organic infant formula, which starts off the baby’s growing process with a bang! Organic formula has two advantages over non-organic formula: One, its ingredients are natural, not genetically modified, and two, it has no pesticide residues. Owing to these two advantages, organic formula is easy to digest and doesn’t cause reactions to the chemicals absorbed by the body!

Organic Baby Clothing

Organic baby clothes are normally created from organically grown cotton, which has no pesticides involved which may affect your baby’s skin! Since there is little processing involved, you ought to get a bigger size than you need at the moment because of pure cotton’s shrinking characteristic. The upside to this: your baby will love wearing organic baby clothes since they’re much softer!

Organic Baby Toys

Most parents almost take toys to be food, considering the way babies keep putting parts of their toys in the mouth! Organic toy are therefore the way to go, since they contain no chemicals that are used in plastic toys! Some of the organic toys available today include rag dolls, wooden toys, organic cardboard board books and organic cotton soft toys, to mention a few. Most organic toys are more expensive than normal toys, and tend to look old-fashioned. On the other hand, they are of a better quality and infinitely more durable!

The products mentioned here are part and parcel of a baby’s life; all through the formative years! If you use them, you have a clear guarantee that your baby is safe from all the chemicals and toxins that are used in processing of most products that a baby needs! So here’s your chance to make your baby healthier and stronger through organic baby products. Take it!