Develop Your Child’s Senses and Body with a Baby Bouncer

March 21, 2009 by  
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Babies seem to always be on the move: crawling, walking and getting into everything. Mom and dad enjoy watching him develop strength and coordination, but baby bouncers are a great baby gear item to help him stay healthy and active while getting rid of some of that energy.

Investing in a baby bouncer is very important, but how do you know which one to choose? Baby gear always varies slightly from model to model, but you’ll first and foremost want to ensure your new bouncer is safe. Remember that little ones can wreak a lot of havoc, and the bouncer needs to be able to withstand this!

Consider a bouncer/rocker combination as a new part of your baby gear collection. Several different kinds of motion contribute to development of various muscle systems. Rocking motions are comforting and relaxing, and bouncing is a great cardiovascular workout for those growing legs.

Make sure the baby bouncer you’re considering is free of sharp edges and extensively padded. If you like the way your walls and furniture look the way they are, look for protected edges where the bouncer may come in contact with them. Lastly, ensure the bouncer has a wide and sturdy base to steady baby’s wobbly tendencies.

Typically, bouncers with wheels are great when baby is almost ready to start walking or recently took his first steps. These allow those all-important muscles, tendons and ligaments to gain enough strength to carry him on a daily basis. However, look for an added feature that allows you to lock the wheels when you want him to stay put.

Ideally, it’s nice to have baby gear with removable parts that are washable. Padding and any type of cloth covering is bound to be stained with mashed beans at some point, so look for models that include pads that snap into the baby bouncer.

Today’s newer baby bouncers include a battery-operated motor that lets baby rest while still being entertained. This is also a great tool to soothe an upset baby, and continually stimulates his visual and mental perceptions of his surrounding environments.

Check out the safety features of any baby gear you’re consider buying. Baby gear catalogs are typically great at outlining what type of restraints and other safety items are included with each model.

Your baby bouncer should include a sturdy harness between the legs and around the waist, but you don’t want it to pinch your baby’s legs. Check to see how easy the harness snaps into place, in case there’s ever a reason for you to do so in a flash.

Investing in baby gear that continually stimulates baby’s senses even when you’re tired out contributes to a healthy and normal future. Incorporating exercise, fun and stimulation gets the most bang for your buck with baby gear items like baby bouncers.

Don’t forget that you’ll need enough baby gear for twins and multiples; every child will need his or her own baby bouncer for any time that you need a break!