Modern Baby Strollers are Convenient and Safe

March 25, 2009 by  
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When our mothers purchased strollers for us, there were not very many options available. They were always simple and plastic with thin and cheap wheels that could easily become a safety hazard. Many didn’t even come equipped with a proper restraint for the baby.

When choosing your new baby gear, the stroller will become one of the most-used items during the baby’s first years of life. Frames of new models are made of sturdy plastic that can withstand a wide range of abuses. Harnesses keep baby safe and secure without risk of him slipping or falling out. They are also extremely portable, folding into a fraction of their actual size for easy storage and transport.

Baby strollers are also being designed with the comfort of mom and dad in mind, too. Handles are designed to adjust to the pusher’s height, so every caretaker can use the same stroller without being uncomfortable.

Several different models will offer different options to cater to mom and dad’s preferences for convenience. Wheels are made to lock so that when it’s time to rest your legs, baby won’t roll away.

Rounded edges and plastic covering on virtually every exposed piece of hardware also contribute to the safety of both you and baby. Keeping your body and clothing free of snags and baby free from bumps and bruises is a key characteristic of the most ideal baby gear.

The traditional sun canopy serves the very important purpose of keeping the harmful rays and uncomfortable heat off of your baby. Modern canopies are designed to detach or collapse for ease in use, and may also be fitted with a mesh shade to block the sun’s rays. This feature is priceless during those hot summer afternoon walks or visits to the park.

If your baby stroller’s canopy is detachable, it can be removed for storage on rainy days or during colder and cloudy months. On the go travel allows you to store it in one of the many handy pockets on the back of the stroller for easy access should the storm subside.

If mom and dad are short on space and always on the go, several all-in-one baby gear pieces will make their life so much easier. New baby stroller designs are not only a stroller, but can detach to be used as a carrier, car seat or bassinet. This seat can be easily locked into place and is built to carry baby safely.

Detachable diaper bags may also be found that are designed to match the baby stroller and hold all the necessities while away from home. When the stroller doesn’t need to be used, simply detach it for a trip to grandma’s.

Special strollers are also available for niche uses like exercise. Walking and jogging is a great way to get back in to shape after pregnancy, and special jogging strollers take baby along for the ride. These strollers are triangular in shape and are equipped with only three wheels for easy maneuvering and a fun ride for all.