Baby on a Budget – Tips in Buying Baby Stuff

Having a new baby is a very exciting time! You have always nurtured images of a nursery in pastel colors filled to the brim with toys. You want to get the best for your precious baby so you start window shopping for a crib, baby clothes, and other baby things like feeding bottles and diapers.

However, when you start adding up the items on your shopping list you may feel overwhelmed by the prospective cost of baby’s stuff. A baby’s arrival requires ample budget preparation but it should not necessarily drain you of your bottom dollar if you are limited on money. If money is not a question – then its great to get everything you want for your baby.

But for some new parents, finances may be tight. But this does not mean you cant get pretty things for your new arrival. All you have to do is to look around. Whether in a shopping mall or on the internet – there are cute baby clothes to suit every budget.

The key is to distinguish between a need and a want. Sure a frilly baby crib with all the works will make your little angel look picture-perfect but in reality a sensible and beautiful crib will do the same job. Here are some more tips on shopping for baby’s things.

Invest in quality. Babies are fragile little bundles so be extra diligent in choosing furniture with baby’s safety in mind. Cribs, strollers and baby car seats come in a wide array of designs. Look closely at the materials used. A nicely painted baby crib will brighten the nursery but it will not be long before baby starts gnawing on the woodwork so better make sure that the product does not contain harmful elements like lead in paints.

Keep it real. Sure – you would want buntings in all the cute colors available with bootie sets to match. But, remember that babies grow at an amazing rate so baby clothes are easily outgrown in a couple of months. Think of the baby basics – snap suits, slip-on pants, blankets, booties, cute caps, warm little jackets and a set of bibs – these are items that your baby will probably need in the first few months. You can always add more items when you find the need for them but resist the urge to fill your shopping cart with every pink (or blue) baby stuff you find.

Toys are important for babies’ development but do not just grab any cute stuffed toy. Read about age-appropriate entertainment for babies so you can get the best out of your budget. Little infants have little appreciation for elaborate toys but you can help them improve motor skills with rattles and teether toys.

Fill your medicine cabinet. A baby will require special health-care accessories like aspirators, thermometers, and medicine scoops. Be prepared and invest in these important items because, chances are, they will come to be handy if your baby falls ill or has a slight discomfort.

Also, be prepared to save money for baby’s medical needs. She will require several vaccine shots in her first year and she will need vitamins and special products like hypo-allergenic shampoos. These are important for baby’s health so scrimp if you have to on baby toys and rattles but do not compromise on the quality of baby care products.

Preparing for baby’s arrival should be a time of joyful anticipation. Have fun shopping for your baby!

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