Vintage Baby Gifts are Fashionable and Memorable

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Fashion and style experts know that anything vintage is well sought-after. The same goes for baby gifts, and vintage designs for practical items allow for an appealing gift that everyone in the newfound family will enjoy.

A great example of such a gift is the “Vintage Shadowbox”. In past generations, shadowboxes were quite common. This version brings an antique item to the forefront of modern design. Featuring a clothesline that suspends several items in a hollow and deep frame, this shadowbox includes a farm-themed background with a tail-wagging dog and teddy bear suspended in midair. This gift is ideal for the wall of the nursery or future home of the baby when he finds a home of his own.

A Jack-in-the-box is also a classic toy of simple design that is still loved by new generations. Long-forgotten but practical, baby can churn the handle and listen to the fun tune until the clown comes out to play. This same game is played by the “Socks in a Box” bunny that will occupy baby for hours on end.

The lid of this box features a bunny tag surrounded by earthtones and serene designs. Practical socks continue the theme to keep baby’s feet warm and cozy on cold winter nights. The cotton socks feature a natural picture of clouds and grass, and the box will become a treasured keepsake in future years.

Vintage dish sets offer a stylish version of the ordinary and practical baby gift set. These dishes depict a bunny in the midst of a meadow, much like books of yesteryear illustrated especially for a child’s enjoyment. All three pieces are made of sturdy melamine that will not break and last for generations. This unique baby gift is packaged in a like-kind colorful box that is both timeless and useful during baby’s first years.

Classic blankets made from modern fleece fabrics offer the perfect opportunity for vintage influence using up-to-date materials. Used to warm baby or cover her bed, this blanket easily becomes her favorite throughout her childhood.

Available in a 35″ x 40″ size, this blanket is easily used for naptime or a day at the beach. White-dotted pink or blue backgrounds will coordinate with virtually any nursery décor. It is packaged with a band donning vintage bunny designs, making your gift stylish and original. A metal box delivers your gift and will be used for several generations as a keepsake or decorative accent.

If the new mom hasn’t finished the nursery, the 7-piece vintage nursery rhyme design set is the ideal baby shower gift. Mother Goose sits on a green rocking chair, and tells stories to Humpty Dumpty and Little Piggy. Each plush animal is accompanied by their own story book that can be used for naptime, story time and reading as baby grows older.

Vintage baby gifts use influence from past generations and classic characters to bring a modern spin on ordinary baby gifts. Search your childhood memories for the best motivations and ideas to find the gift they’ll not soon forget.

Mealtime Baby Gifts That Create Memories

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Mealtime baby gifts are very popular, as babies tend to spend quite a bit of time eating. Many of these gifts tend to be very bland, but new lines of unique mealtime utensils and tools can be used as both original and practical items.

NASCAR race fans demand fun during their child’s mealtime. Baby gifts that reflect this love include bibs and bottles bearing a racing theme. Checkered flags, race car logos, and bibs declaring they are a “pit stop” for baby’s food are not only humorous but useful.

Nature freaks enjoy sippy cups with a picture of a bear and silver plating. This is not only nice to look at, but can be used as baby learns to drink on her own. A removable plastic liner makes it easy to clean and the entire cup is presented in a pretty box. These can easily become a keepsake that is passed down to future generations.

Pewter creates a perfect option for durable gifts that serve a practical purpose. A baby gift of a pewter bowl and spoon is safe for actual use and can also be a decorative accent in the nursery. Some may be adorned with butterflies or barnyard themes, and exude a feeling of natural ambiance that compliment any décor.

Combining style with practicality is always popular, as is the case with the “Carryall Diaper Tote.” Canvas material is sturdy and strong, and able to carry all the bibs and diapers that mom could possibly need. Also consider giving a changing pad, bottles and powder for a day at the beach in lime, blue or pink color themes.

Adorable designs are always acceptable with a baby in tow. A great mealtime baby gift set includes “ducky” designs on a cup, plate and bowl packaged in a decorative box that can also become a keepsake itself. This 3-piece set is made of melamine that will not break and harm baby, and is classically designed to withstand years of changing trends.

Accompany this set with a 2-piece utensil baby gift that dons a royal theme for the little prince or princess. This fork and spoon are practical for any mealtime occasion, and are silver-plated to look like the tools of a true royal blueblood. Packaged in a keepsake box of blue or pink, this set makes a great to-go gift for picnics or days away from home.

Every baby loves all types of animals, and the 3-piece porcelain plate set includes an elephant playing the drums alongside a rabbit. The frog accompanies the elephant with his cymbals, and the entire set is given in a muslin case that is strong and outlasting.

When you can’t decide what type of gift to give the expectant parents, remember that mealtime is a very frequent and important part of baby’s life. Choose a stylish design of a practical gift that will withstand the pressures of young life and be cherished for years to come.

Keepsake Baby Gifts Recall Wonderful Memories

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Unfortunately, babies, just like puppies, only remain so for a very short time. Even when parents are fully prepared to see them grow faster than imaginable, it always seems as if they do so much faster than expected.

Keepsake baby gifts make the time that they are so small a lasting memory and prized possession because of this short-lived period. Parents always treasure these types of baby gifts that allow them to reflect and cherish the memories of how their babies once were. These treasured baby gifts will last a lifetime, and even be passed down to the child in later years.

A great keepsake gift for a baby is a practical coin bank fashioned as a pewter train. Not only will it store and teach the child about the importance of saved money in the future, but it presents the perfect opportunity to add decorative flair to a little boy’s room. The lasting craftsmanship will serve as a memento in the future of a time when the child was young and innocent, opening the door to a flood of memories.

Pewter is both durable and beautiful, and also makes a lovely keepsake bowl and spoon baby gift set. Decorated with butterflies, it is a wonderful decorative accent in any room. This may also become even more special as a personalized baby gift by engraving the bottom of the bowl with a unique message.

Scrapbooking is a popular hobby today, and the same idea is applied when giving a baby memory book as a baby shower gift. These may be decorated in pink, blue, green or yellow, and are accented with a lovely ribbon to tie it closed. Both fancy and practical, these memory books are designed to create a template for mom and dad to record and store every milestone and memory of the baby’s first years.

Every baby loves a rattle, and this is a common item associated with the little ones. However, a pewter-fashioned rattle offers a keepsake and personalized baby gift. Parents love to remember the earliest years of a child’s life when prompted by the sight of this gift that will literally last a lifetime and then some.

Another unique baby gift that becomes the ideal keepsake in later years is the Irish guardian angel doll. As a symbol of the invisible layer of protection we wish for every baby, this doll will bring a smile to the child’s face armed with the luck of a four-leaf clover. A poem is also included in the baby gift set that will become a special source of comfort for mom and dad after baby has grown.

Keepsake baby gifts are the ideal way to help the new family to create memories and be able to recall them in later years. These gifts are always special and appreciated, unique and long-lasting. Virtually any gift can become a keepsake, with personalized messages or a special added touch that speaks directly to mom and dad.

Irish Baby Gifts That Celebrate Their Heritage

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Irish baby gifts offer the perfect option to celebrate baby’s family heritage and pass on the luck of being born in such a family. Even if they aren’t of Irish descent, these gifts offer a unique way to give baby a special gift that they’ll always have as a memento.

Guardian angels are needed by everyone, and every baby should have his or her own. The Irish Guardian Angel doll is small enough for play and standing among other toys in the nursery, and dons a white lace gown to compliment her delicately painted porcelain face.

Four-leaf clovers are common Irish symbols that bring luck wherever they are. One of these on a cotton bodysuit with snaps that keep it snug to baby’s body up to 9 months old brings luck to the entire family.

Remember to consider genuine Irish baby gifts from the motherland, also. Fork and spoon sets from Ireland create a cherished heirloom that will be passed down for generations to come, and commemorate the special occasion for the baby.

These sets are kept in a white satin sleeve that are just as lovely as an Irish sunset over the lake. Boxed in a special decorative container, the entire package becomes an item to keep for baby and future children. An enclosed poem outlines the fork and spoon tradition as the ideal Irish gift.

During the baby shower, an Irish gift is also customary for the new mom. White cotton corsages that surround a four-leafed clover are perfect for wear at all Irish “baby is coming” parties.

These traditional corsages are set in delicate lace within an Irish-themed gift box, and are everlasting. Tied with a green satin bow, this baby shower gift gives something special just for the mom-to-be.

Bibs are ideal baby gift ideas, as they are practical and needed items for the new baby. Linen and lace creates a great barrier for all of those messes, and is accented by shamrocks that speak to a true Irish theme and heritage. Packaged in a unique gift box tied with a green bow, this bib can even become a family treasure and heirloom.

Whether the expectant couple is Irish or not, these baby gifts that hail from Ireland herself offer a surprising option to the ordinary baby shower gifts normally received.

Everyone, including baby, will fall in love with the Irish-themed toys, clothes and gifts for mom, and even present a perfect option for an heirloom. Generations to come will treasure your unique gifts that are well planned for and classic in design.

It’s relatively simple to find baby shower gifts that celebrate any heritage, but Ireland is the most popular motherland that still produces genuine and original gifts. Simply look for ideal and practical baby gifts that attest to the Irish traditions of yesterday and today to carry them through to the next generation.

Irish baby gifts can create a fun and inviting atmosphere for baby, and also introduce new traditions to the welcoming family.

Baby Gifts That Make First Birthday Memories

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There is hardly anything more memorable or documented in a baby’s life than his first birthday. This time goes by so fast and represents a multitude of milestones that baby and parents have reached and surpassed, that it’s almost as exciting as the day he was born.

Mom and dad feel as though they blinked and missed leaps and bounds of advancement and growth, and enjoy watching personalities and habits develop in their babies. The first birthday is the ideal opportunity to celebrate these and the trials of mom and dad during the year, and will be remembered by everyone.

Finding a perfect baby’s first birthday gift may seem like a daunting task: it must be memorable, meaningful and meet the momentous occasion with purpose. Any old t-shirt simply won’t do. However, you can turn these everyday gifts into something special by adding the image of many birthday balloons and cake, packaged in a special box depicting a smiling child.

Saving money is an important habit to form, and little piggy banks in original shapes also create a treasured first birthday gift. When made of pewter, they are timeless and withstanding to a multitude of pressures. Motorcycles and sports cars are actually made with moveable tires, so these can also be used as toys before baby gets his first paycheck.

After the first year, toddlers love to explore and try to do everything on their own. A step stool will enable them to reach the toys up above, or as the just-right-sized seat. A great option is the step stool/chair combination that can be personalized so he knows it’s just for him. At 12″ high and 12 ½” wide, the stool combo is also 6 ½” deep with a 5 ½” seat – ideal for baby’s bottom, and is also easy to store and hide under the crib.

Do mom and dad take baby to the gym when it’s time to exercise? Give a first birthday gift that makes baby feel like he’s truly part of it all, like a personalized duffel bag or backpack. Choose a theme that fits baby’s personality, whether it be sports, flowers, butterflies or princess tiaras. These are made of canvas material and are lined, so they’re easy to clean when the unavoidable messes end up in baby’s bag.

Little ones always enjoy a good stuffed animal; they are soft and comfy for bedtime, safe and free of dangerous corners or splintering material, and easy to transport for any day on the town. Skipper the Cowboy Dog and his partner Bojo are perfect plush toys for a first birthday gift. They’ll keep baby busy for hours, and even become his favorites.

If baby always wants to go with mom or dad to work, consider a baby gift that includes a briefcase with a toy calculator and cell phone. He can talk to his friends or associates about important business matters, or begin doing his clients’ taxes at the earliest age possible.

Pewter photo frames with a teddy bear logo create the perfect first birthday gift that can store the tons of photos mom and dad have been taking at the event. First birthdays are never to be forgotten with an original baby gift that helps to create those wonderful memories!

Baby Gifts That Make Bath Time Fun

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Bathing babies is perhaps one of the most common activities that new parents both enjoy and schedule time for. During the first three months of life, every baby is given sponge baths in the tub or even the kitchen sink. As they grow and progress to bigger baths, more supplies like shampoo and toys are needed for mom and dad to clean and occupy their new baby.

Bath time items are one of the best baby gifts a mother could wish for, and there are several unique and original items to choose from. Just like us, babies are cold when they first leave the tub; that’s why they’re chattering away! Find a soft robe for baby to be wrapped in when he is done with his bath, or give mom a baby gift set that includes a matching one for her!

Baby spa gift sets create wonderful miniature versions of what mom and dad love, too. Tiny slippers come in pink, blue or white, and washcloths are also coordinated. These are available with a variety of designs and themes, from frogs and lily pads to sailboats.

A turtle hat also creates an ideal baby gift set with matching slippers, washcloths and hoodie towels. Little floating turtle toys give baby something to do in the bath, and the tiny embossed turtles on the clothing and washing items give mom and dad something to photograph afterward.

Soap is always a necessity requested on a baby gift registry, but there are many more variations available to make it a little more interesting. “Little Ducky” baby wash is covered with a fun little ducky design, and is formulated with the scent of soothing English herbs. Special formulations are safe for sensitive skin, and even makes baby smell good, too.

Another great baby gift set is the bath time beach ball made of soft terrycloth. This gives baby a new toy to play with, and the coordinating washcloth and hooded towel make baby comfy and warm after bath time.

Are the parents-to-be dog lovers? If so, pass that love on to baby with a puppy puppet bath toy with a matching hoodie towel. Not only will it keep him warm and dry after bath time, but mom and dad will love seeing him in it as well!

If you want to focus on high-quality bath towels, consider a 3-piece terrycloth set that is so soft you’ll wish they made them for you, too. Available in a baseball theme, a hoodie towel, robe and bib allow for feeding after bath time as well.

Baby bath time gift sets are always appreciated, practical and made to last. Accompany your baby gift or birthday gift with a set of plush toys to play with after bath time and before bed. These make a great compliment to the towels, robes and slippers included in the many available bath time sets, and may also be found to carry out the nursery theme throughout the baby’s entire day!

Baby Blankets Can Be an Original Shower Gift

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Receiving an invitation to a baby shower can be an exciting thing. However, choosing the perfect baby shower gift for the mom-to-be can also present a stressful situation. Baby blankets still remain both popular and practical, and many modern designs and fashionable fabrics make this gift a great choice.

You may be wondering how in the world a baby blanket can become an original baby gift. Even after all the years that we’ve used them to keep our babies warm, there are multiple new ideas implemented into the newest blankets available.

One popular new design for the baby blanket is the “Pigs In a Blanket”. What’s more is that it provides two gifts in one, and is presented in an original and decorative box. You know how all the women will gawk at virtually any pretty container! This one boasts vintage styling with a welcoming “Open me!” bow.

Once the excited and expectant mother opens the box, she will find a soft baby blanket that is able to be personalized with a special message or the initials of her coming baby. The blanket is even tied around a stuffed pig that presents a safe and comfy favorite for baby’s naptime. This pig is fashioned out of the most resistant and durable fabrics that are still soft and loveable, so will remain in one piece through years of wear and tear.

Also included with the “Pigs In a Blanket” gift is the popular “This Little Piggy” storybook rhyme printed on the back. If that wasn’t enough cuteness to float your boat, consider the dancing piglets portrayed on the front.

Another original blanket gift is the JoJo Giraffe toy that arrives in a special decorative box with a coordinating blanket. The giraffe stands nearly two feet tall, and is one of the most original baby shower gifts available. JoJo stands wrapped around a unique baby gift box, and will become the ideal toy for the baby in the coming months.

Personalized baby gifts are the best way to make a lasting impression, and JoJo’s blanket can easily be embossed with the baby’s name, initials and even birthdate. This blanket is made of a gender-neutral and soft yellow fabric that is the perfect baby gift set when the sex is unknown! The blanket is also large enough to be used as a crib cover during baby’s earliest months.

You’ll also be able to find great baby shower gifts in unique baby blankets that stand alone, too. Maddie’s Meadow is the perfect baby gift that is a brightly-colored blanket adorned with butterflies and flowers. The accompanying keepsake box coordinates with the pattern, utilizing a vision of spring grass and lofty, cloudy skies. This baby gift may also be personalized around the edge of the soft blanket.

If you’re looking for a baby gift set with multiple practical items, take a look at the 9-piece layette set. It contains several blankets and toys, a set of booties, and a matching set of three gift boxes. These items will transition over the next several years, finding use for baby and mom when they need it most.