Keepsake Baby Gifts Recall Wonderful Memories

March 11, 2009 by  
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Unfortunately, babies, just like puppies, only remain so for a very short time. Even when parents are fully prepared to see them grow faster than imaginable, it always seems as if they do so much faster than expected.

Keepsake baby gifts make the time that they are so small a lasting memory and prized possession because of this short-lived period. Parents always treasure these types of baby gifts that allow them to reflect and cherish the memories of how their babies once were. These treasured baby gifts will last a lifetime, and even be passed down to the child in later years.

A great keepsake gift for a baby is a practical coin bank fashioned as a pewter train. Not only will it store and teach the child about the importance of saved money in the future, but it presents the perfect opportunity to add decorative flair to a little boy’s room. The lasting craftsmanship will serve as a memento in the future of a time when the child was young and innocent, opening the door to a flood of memories.

Pewter is both durable and beautiful, and also makes a lovely keepsake bowl and spoon baby gift set. Decorated with butterflies, it is a wonderful decorative accent in any room. This may also become even more special as a personalized baby gift by engraving the bottom of the bowl with a unique message.

Scrapbooking is a popular hobby today, and the same idea is applied when giving a baby memory book as a baby shower gift. These may be decorated in pink, blue, green or yellow, and are accented with a lovely ribbon to tie it closed. Both fancy and practical, these memory books are designed to create a template for mom and dad to record and store every milestone and memory of the baby’s first years.

Every baby loves a rattle, and this is a common item associated with the little ones. However, a pewter-fashioned rattle offers a keepsake and personalized baby gift. Parents love to remember the earliest years of a child’s life when prompted by the sight of this gift that will literally last a lifetime and then some.

Another unique baby gift that becomes the ideal keepsake in later years is the Irish guardian angel doll. As a symbol of the invisible layer of protection we wish for every baby, this doll will bring a smile to the child’s face armed with the luck of a four-leaf clover. A poem is also included in the baby gift set that will become a special source of comfort for mom and dad after baby has grown.

Keepsake baby gifts are the ideal way to help the new family to create memories and be able to recall them in later years. These gifts are always special and appreciated, unique and long-lasting. Virtually any gift can become a keepsake, with personalized messages or a special added touch that speaks directly to mom and dad.