Vintage Baby Gifts are Fashionable and Memorable

March 13, 2009 by  
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Fashion and style experts know that anything vintage is well sought-after. The same goes for baby gifts, and vintage designs for practical items allow for an appealing gift that everyone in the newfound family will enjoy.

A great example of such a gift is the “Vintage Shadowbox”. In past generations, shadowboxes were quite common. This version brings an antique item to the forefront of modern design. Featuring a clothesline that suspends several items in a hollow and deep frame, this shadowbox includes a farm-themed background with a tail-wagging dog and teddy bear suspended in midair. This gift is ideal for the wall of the nursery or future home of the baby when he finds a home of his own.

A Jack-in-the-box is also a classic toy of simple design that is still loved by new generations. Long-forgotten but practical, baby can churn the handle and listen to the fun tune until the clown comes out to play. This same game is played by the “Socks in a Box” bunny that will occupy baby for hours on end.

The lid of this box features a bunny tag surrounded by earthtones and serene designs. Practical socks continue the theme to keep baby’s feet warm and cozy on cold winter nights. The cotton socks feature a natural picture of clouds and grass, and the box will become a treasured keepsake in future years.

Vintage dish sets offer a stylish version of the ordinary and practical baby gift set. These dishes depict a bunny in the midst of a meadow, much like books of yesteryear illustrated especially for a child’s enjoyment. All three pieces are made of sturdy melamine that will not break and last for generations. This unique baby gift is packaged in a like-kind colorful box that is both timeless and useful during baby’s first years.

Classic blankets made from modern fleece fabrics offer the perfect opportunity for vintage influence using up-to-date materials. Used to warm baby or cover her bed, this blanket easily becomes her favorite throughout her childhood.

Available in a 35″ x 40″ size, this blanket is easily used for naptime or a day at the beach. White-dotted pink or blue backgrounds will coordinate with virtually any nursery d├ęcor. It is packaged with a band donning vintage bunny designs, making your gift stylish and original. A metal box delivers your gift and will be used for several generations as a keepsake or decorative accent.

If the new mom hasn’t finished the nursery, the 7-piece vintage nursery rhyme design set is the ideal baby shower gift. Mother Goose sits on a green rocking chair, and tells stories to Humpty Dumpty and Little Piggy. Each plush animal is accompanied by their own story book that can be used for naptime, story time and reading as baby grows older.

Vintage baby gifts use influence from past generations and classic characters to bring a modern spin on ordinary baby gifts. Search your childhood memories for the best motivations and ideas to find the gift they’ll not soon forget.