Baby Gifts That Make First Birthday Memories

March 9, 2009 by  
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There is hardly anything more memorable or documented in a baby’s life than his first birthday. This time goes by so fast and represents a multitude of milestones that baby and parents have reached and surpassed, that it’s almost as exciting as the day he was born.

Mom and dad feel as though they blinked and missed leaps and bounds of advancement and growth, and enjoy watching personalities and habits develop in their babies. The first birthday is the ideal opportunity to celebrate these and the trials of mom and dad during the year, and will be remembered by everyone.

Finding a perfect baby’s first birthday gift may seem like a daunting task: it must be memorable, meaningful and meet the momentous occasion with purpose. Any old t-shirt simply won’t do. However, you can turn these everyday gifts into something special by adding the image of many birthday balloons and cake, packaged in a special box depicting a smiling child.

Saving money is an important habit to form, and little piggy banks in original shapes also create a treasured first birthday gift. When made of pewter, they are timeless and withstanding to a multitude of pressures. Motorcycles and sports cars are actually made with moveable tires, so these can also be used as toys before baby gets his first paycheck.

After the first year, toddlers love to explore and try to do everything on their own. A step stool will enable them to reach the toys up above, or as the just-right-sized seat. A great option is the step stool/chair combination that can be personalized so he knows it’s just for him. At 12″ high and 12 ½” wide, the stool combo is also 6 ½” deep with a 5 ½” seat – ideal for baby’s bottom, and is also easy to store and hide under the crib.

Do mom and dad take baby to the gym when it’s time to exercise? Give a first birthday gift that makes baby feel like he’s truly part of it all, like a personalized duffel bag or backpack. Choose a theme that fits baby’s personality, whether it be sports, flowers, butterflies or princess tiaras. These are made of canvas material and are lined, so they’re easy to clean when the unavoidable messes end up in baby’s bag.

Little ones always enjoy a good stuffed animal; they are soft and comfy for bedtime, safe and free of dangerous corners or splintering material, and easy to transport for any day on the town. Skipper the Cowboy Dog and his partner Bojo are perfect plush toys for a first birthday gift. They’ll keep baby busy for hours, and even become his favorites.

If baby always wants to go with mom or dad to work, consider a baby gift that includes a briefcase with a toy calculator and cell phone. He can talk to his friends or associates about important business matters, or begin doing his clients’ taxes at the earliest age possible.

Pewter photo frames with a teddy bear logo create the perfect first birthday gift that can store the tons of photos mom and dad have been taking at the event. First birthdays are never to be forgotten with an original baby gift that helps to create those wonderful memories!