Summer Fun And Swimwear For Your Little Tot!

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Summer’s finally here! It’s time to get some swimwear for your little one and head out to the pool! Babies love playing in water, and this is the best season to take advantage of this! Even babies who are just five weeks old love the water. Whilst swimming before the two month immunizations was not advised before, it is now! You can ask your health professional, but you’ll most definitely get a go-ahead!

Pool Diapers!

The first order of the day is to get a swim diaper for the baby. Swim diapers are either worn under other swimwear or worn alone. With a synthetic outer coating which is waterproof and a cloth lining inside, these diapers are machine washable and will deal with any solid waste released by the baby in the pool, efficiently taking care of your embarrassment in public pools! The chlorinated water can deal with urine, so you need not worry about that.


Similar to older kid’s swimwear, baby swimsuits consist of trunks or full body tanks for your baby boy. For baby girls, the bikini or one-piece style is the trend! Baby swimwear comes in cute designs and sun hats, which look adorable on the baby! Look around, but don’t expect too much for babies who are less than three months old.

Baby wetsuits are ideal for swimming since they are designed to keep your baby warm and comfortable in the water. Looking very professional and built to fit over the swim diaper, they are just the right thing for your future swim champ!

Baby floatation devices!

Floatation devices come in all shapes and forms today: inflatable swimsuits, inflatable boats, inflatable tubes, rubber rings, water wings and so on and so forth! Most floatation devices are built for kids who are more than a year old. First rule of the pool: Don’t leave your baby alone, even if he or she is in a floating device. Moreover, don’t accustom your kids to inflatable rings, since it’s going to be much more difficult for them to learn swimming without!


There is a special sunscreen for babies with a very high sun protection factor to protect your little one’s skin. A good waterproof sunscreen is essential for the baby, so apply it liberally. Sun rays are even more dangerous now, with the holes in the ozone layer, and can reflect off the water on to the skin of the baby. Cover the little one’s head too, for she is likely to complain if you make her wear a hat! Sunscreen is an essential part of a baby’s swimwear. Also, keep the hat handy for the moment after your baby is done swimming!

Toys Can Be Educational and Stimulating, Too

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Every new baby and young child seems to have more than his fair share of toys these days. However, each and every toy will offer specific education or development opportunities for the little one. Every child has his or her favorite toys in tow wherever they go, leading to personality and healthy development every parent enjoys witnessing.

Baby gear stock should always consist of educational toys that are also entertaining. Toy lines such as Baby Einstein products are designed with little ones’ senses in mind, with large and boldly colored objects to look at and play with. Books, blocks and noisemakers all contribute to good motor function and muscle development, as well as association behaviors.

The old-fashioned game consisting of various shapes of blocks to push through matching holes is actually still a great toy for any baby. Although he is amusing himself and learning to play alone at times, he’s also learning that not every block will fit in each hole. Learning this shape and size association contributes to later abilities that allow him to recite the alphabet and develop short sentences.

Baby gear that contributes to muscle development and control is also vital to baby’s growth periods. They have a ton of energy to get rid of, and sometimes mom and dad are too tired to continue playing! This is where a bouncer or walker equipped with a mobile or noisemaker is ideal. It keeps him satisfied and occupied while you take a rest, and is still encouraging healthy brain and physical development.

Dolls, though they seem like a simple toy, are also advantageous. Models which talk or produce human-like sounds teach baby about communication and help to develop his or her expression mechanisms. Dressing a baby doll also teaches young children about shape and size, and can lead to him or her learning to dress themselves.

After completing the baby gear collection with a wide range of educational and stimulating toys, it’s time to create a place to store them all. Leaving toys spread throughout the house can lead to germ-infested playthings that get put into baby’s mouth, as well as create a safety hazard for every member of the family.

Toy chests may be a new baby gear item or an old family heirloom, and can always be personalized or found in a coordinating design to compliment the nursery and home décor. Animal lovers like the farmhouse toy chest, which also works great in old farmhouses or country homes. Little animals that fill the chest teach baby about different types of animals, and educational games can allow them to learn about different sound associations.

Other themes such as baseball or princess designs are also available for storing toys, but perhaps mom and dad had a different idea for the chest. Rich hardwoods with a customized finish not only are sturdy and ready to be handed down to the next generation someday, but can also compliment the home’s interior and be used for other things after baby has grown.

Stylish Diaper Changing Tables are the Ideal Baby Gear Investment

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We can’t always keep our babies at home, and this makes it inevitable that we have to change them in public at some point. Carrying a portable changer or finding an equipped bathroom is usually the way to go in this case; however, at home you’ll want to ensure you have the best baby gear for times such as this.

Diaper changing tables are fast becoming just as stylish as any other piece of furniture in the house, are safe for baby, and unbelievably handy during changing time.

Classic diaper changing tables have three-levels for plenty of diaper and other baby gear storage, and are usually made of hardwood like oak or maple.

Modern influences on classic design lead to tables that incorporate such things as integrated bracing. Just like lattice work, this greatly increases the steadiness of the table, making your baby safer. Materials used to construct the tables are pressure-treated and finished to match virtually any nursery décor or theme.

Making a fashion statement with your new changing table makes it an affair that you both enjoy and love to look at. Future generations will benefit from your choices in quality baby gear as well, so consider this when looking for a new piece of baby furniture.

The latest styles in home storage options always include baskets and drawers to hide unbecoming necessities. If this is the case in your nursery, look for a diaper changing table that contains drawers instead of shelves for storing diapers and other changing supplies.

This type of table will also allow for many years of use, as it can easily become a dresser for the young one when he becomes a little older. When choosing the just-right finish on your new table, ensure it is non-toxic for baby as well.

Perhaps you’re a little short on wall space in the nursery. If this is the case for you, look for one of the new corner diaper changing tables designed to maximize space in smaller rooms. Ample amounts of changing space are implemented into these tables, but allow you to use other areas of the room for all of those larger baby gear items you need to store.

After choosing the changing table, you’ll need to pay special attention to the changing pad. Removable covers make them washable and interchangeable, and are designed to match any one of a thousand different decorative themes.

Peter rabbit baby gear themes are very popular, especially for parents who choose not to find out the baby’s sex prior to birth. Other changing pad covers are designed to match jeep baby gear, rock & roll baby gear, Winnie the Pooh baby gear, and even Tampa Bay Rays baby gear. Also find the matching portable pad to carry your chosen décor away from home, too.

If you’re shopping for twin baby gear, you might want to consider investing in two corner-style changing tables, or perhaps several different changing pads to complement your new piece of stylish furniture.

Skin Care and Grooming Baby Gear

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A baby’s skin is very important and needs to be cared for properly. Changes in skin texture and health can lend vital clues to possible underlying illnesses, but are hard to notice when skin isn’t taken care of properly.

Baby skin is very sensitive and requires special care. Your child will thank you later in life for taking great care of their skin when they were young, providing healthy skin cells to work with in later life.

Skin provides the initial barrier between your baby and the environment. It should remain supple and elastic through moisturizing and free of germs for optimal health. Several lines of skin care baby gear are available at any department store, including Johnson’s and Aveeno. Baby wipes, lotion, oil and power are available in baby gear gift kits for birthdays and showers as well.

Diaper rash is never fun, and preventing it from every occurring in the first place is perhaps the best treatment for mom and dad. Proper skin care can contribute to creating a dry environment that will help to prevent this no-fun condition during a baby’s first months of life!

Baby powder can help to keep the skin dry for this purpose, but it also contributes to creating a healthy barrier between your baby and surrounding environments. What’s more, it contributes to a baby that smells good, too!

Everyone knows that sun protection is vitally important for any age of skin, but especially important for babies. Using sunblock on all exposed areas of your baby before going outside will help to prevent harmful discoloration and sunburns. Virtually every baby gear kit will include sunblock for this purpose.

Bath time skin care products are equally important. Tear-free shampoo prevents the inevitable shampoo in the eye from irritating baby, as well as keeping hair free of dirt and grime. Baby shampoo is specially formulated to be safe and healthy for a baby’s sensitive scalp; this is the biggest difference between baby’s shampoo and that used for mom and dad.

Special creams are necessary for a wide range of skin issues. Diaper rash, when it does occur, requires special paste or cream to reduce symptoms and severity during the healing process. If your small child has eczema or another common skin condition, other special creams are available without a prescription to speed healing. These creams are formulated to rebalance the skin lipids to treat and prevent recurrences.

Ointments that heal patches of dry skin are another essential part of a baby gear kit. Small patches of dry skin, left untreated, can crack and become infected – this opens baby up to all sorts of sicknesses, and makes him uncomfortable, too.

Special scents are also available in every type of baby grooming product available for specific purposes. Lavender-scented shampoo and lotion helps baby to relax at bedtime, and lingers long enough to make him smell great during the daytime, too. These infused products can affect baby’s mood as well as skin condition when used correctly and regularly.

Shell Baby Carriers Make Life Easier

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Baby carriers are one of the most-used baby gear items for little ones today throughout their first several months of life. They are designed with safety in mind, to keep baby safe and secure, while providing an ideal form of transportation for every caretaker.

These carriers may be made of fabric as is the case with slings and harness styles that keep mom and dad’s hands free for other things. However, traditional shell baby carriers are tops when it comes to value and portability.

These shell carriers look like a car seat, and may even double as one. Made of strong molded plastic, they are safe and secure. When used as a car seat, they keep baby strapped in and keep him from harmful things while traveling. A restraint system keeps him snug and safe, and will usually be used with a traditional car seat belt for added security.

Any baby gear should consider safety first to protect baby. Shell baby carriers are designed by engineers that have developed special shapes and weight distributions to keep them from toppling over or breaking due to abuse and movement from baby.

Padding is thick and swaddles baby for maximum comfort. This fabric padding is designed to withstand pressures unlike any other, preventing tears or irritating contact with the child. Snaps keep it in place, and it is typically removable to be machine washed.

Keeping a uniform theme through all baby gear items allows mom and dad to quickly identify it at get-togethers that involve other children. No one wants to take someone else’s car seat home!

This is the case with shell baby carriers; padding comes in a wide array of colors and designs, from ballerinas to camouflage for the little hunter. Coordinating this design with other baby gear items creates a uniform and stylish look as well.

Typically, restraints in the shell baby carrier are comprised of three pieces that cross the chest and hold the legs in place. These straps should not smash baby’s legs to prevent bruising and scrapes.

If mom and dad need a break from carrying baby in the shell carrier, they will typically try a fabric-style sling. However, this option isn’t very practical or comfortable. Just like pregnancy, the undue pressure on the shoulders and back create pain and discomfort for the parents. Sometimes, these slings are not able to carry baby safely and securely, either. Caretakers are required to posses a certain level of strength to be able to use a sling as well.

Parents must remember that even though slings may be stylish, they are not always very convenient. If you need to put baby down for a minute or two, you won’t be able to do so with a sling. There are also no restraints used in slings, so they can’t be used for babies once they become too active for them.

Invest in a shell baby carrier as part of your baby gear collection for a convenient way to transport and carry baby. These carriers are strong and safe, and will last for several years if needed as well.

Safety Considerations for a New Baby Playard

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Playpens, also called playards, are one of the most important pieces of baby gear for a new parent during the baby’s first several months. It’s comforting to know that baby has a safe and secure place to play or nap while mom and dad are tending to other things.

The design and functionality of the playpen are equally important. It must be safe and portable, as well as offer plenty of exploring opportunities to aid in the early formative learning periods. Anything the baby can see or touch contributes to his or her first learning experiences.

Small children can wield an unnaturally strong force at times, so your playard must accommodate this. Make sure your playard is strong and sturdy, and no safety hazards like small buttons or other parts are included in the design.

Remember that this abuse will continue on the playard for several months and even years of the baby’s life. Every part of the playard should be constructed to withstand up to 100 pounds. This way, if baby tries to climb over the edge, the entire playard won’t topple on top of him or fold in half!

Playards that withstand 30 or 50 pounds may seem like enough stability for your baby, but remember the laws of gravity and physics; when baby pulls on the railings or jumps up and down in the playard, his apparent weight is dramatically increased.

All of your baby gear should be constructed with a wide margin of safe weights and pressures on the item.

Inquire as to what materials are used in your proposed playpen. Is it made of wood or metal? Wood can splinter and break, and metal frames can withstand higher weights and pressures.

Don’t forget the importance of sufficient padding that is washable and long-lasting. Fabric such as 100% cotton can tear or rip more easily than nylon or canvas or some other cotton blend. It’s never a bad idea to purchase a replacement pad or two, or at least price them so you know how much they cost and how difficult it will be to find one when you need it.

Mesh siding in playpens allows mom and dad to still watch over baby while in the playpen, and this mesh should be made of strong nylon. It should be soft and pliable enough to not feel scratchy to the touch, but stretched tightly enough to hold baby should he press against it.

Other considerations for the playard include transportability and size. How large does it need to be? Can you change the size if needed? Perhaps an area for napping is available, as well as a place for playtime.

Wheels that can be locked offer a great way to put baby to rest outside of the nursery but move him where you can still see him.

Playards are a vital baby gear item needed by new mothers and fathers, and offer a great way to continue constant surveillance on the baby’s activities. Just remember to pay close attention to the safety features and design of each type to choose the right one for you!

Tips for Choosing Between Crib, Bassinet, and Cradle

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When bringing a newborn home, obviously the baby needs a comfortable and safe place to sleep, which could be a crib, bassinet, or cradle. The most important thing is to have everything ready so as soon as you arrive home, the baby will have a place to sleep. The one thing you want to avoid is putting a tiny baby in your bed in that this is very dangerous. Not only is there risk for the baby falling off the bed once he or she begins to roll, there is also risk of you accidentally rolling onto the baby during your sleep.

Okay, so now you have three options – crib, bassinet, and cradle so the ultimate choice depends on what you prefer.

We Will Start with the Bassinet

The baby bassinet has long been a choice, providing a smaller space that helps the baby feel protected. Traditionally, the bassinet is lined to provide ultimate comfort.

Today, the baby bassinet has been redesigned to where there are now models that actually convert to a crib, which means it can be used longer, saving mom and dad money on buying a crib when the baby is ready.

Looking at the Baby Cradle

The next choice is a baby cradle, which is very much like a bassinet except it is designed to rock back and forth. This gentle movement is perfect for creating a comforting environment for the baby in that it mimics movement of the womb. Sometimes, putting a crying baby in a cradle will actually help put him or her to sleep quicker than anything else will.

The only challenge is that once a baby becomes accustomed to being rocked while sleeping, moving the baby to a non-rocking crib can be an adjustment. This also means when going on vacation or to visit the grandparents, the baby may find it difficult to sleep. A great solution is to use the cradle to rock the baby only on occasion. That way, the baby is used to a stationary bed that makes travel and transition to a crib easier

Finally, the Baby Crib

There are so many gorgeous cribs, many large and roomy. Placing a tiny baby in a large crib makes him or her look lost. One of the most innovative changes is that many cribs are now designed to expand into a toddler bed. This means the crib is used for years. Unfortunately, this type of crib is more expensive than a standard crib so you will need to consider your budget.

To avoid buying more than one type of bed and ultimately saving money, most new parents will simply start with a crib. Although not as enclosed as a bassinet or cradle can pose some risk. Additionally, newborns typically prefer being in smaller spaces, again reminding them of the womb. This tighter space makes them feel more secure and safe, thereby falling asleep easier. The other side is that if you begin with a bassinet or cradle then transitioning the baby to a crib can be tough. You will need to weigh the pros and cons, as well as consider budget to make the best choice.

Modern Baby Strollers are Convenient and Safe

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When our mothers purchased strollers for us, there were not very many options available. They were always simple and plastic with thin and cheap wheels that could easily become a safety hazard. Many didn’t even come equipped with a proper restraint for the baby.

When choosing your new baby gear, the stroller will become one of the most-used items during the baby’s first years of life. Frames of new models are made of sturdy plastic that can withstand a wide range of abuses. Harnesses keep baby safe and secure without risk of him slipping or falling out. They are also extremely portable, folding into a fraction of their actual size for easy storage and transport.

Baby strollers are also being designed with the comfort of mom and dad in mind, too. Handles are designed to adjust to the pusher’s height, so every caretaker can use the same stroller without being uncomfortable.

Several different models will offer different options to cater to mom and dad’s preferences for convenience. Wheels are made to lock so that when it’s time to rest your legs, baby won’t roll away.

Rounded edges and plastic covering on virtually every exposed piece of hardware also contribute to the safety of both you and baby. Keeping your body and clothing free of snags and baby free from bumps and bruises is a key characteristic of the most ideal baby gear.

The traditional sun canopy serves the very important purpose of keeping the harmful rays and uncomfortable heat off of your baby. Modern canopies are designed to detach or collapse for ease in use, and may also be fitted with a mesh shade to block the sun’s rays. This feature is priceless during those hot summer afternoon walks or visits to the park.

If your baby stroller’s canopy is detachable, it can be removed for storage on rainy days or during colder and cloudy months. On the go travel allows you to store it in one of the many handy pockets on the back of the stroller for easy access should the storm subside.

If mom and dad are short on space and always on the go, several all-in-one baby gear pieces will make their life so much easier. New baby stroller designs are not only a stroller, but can detach to be used as a carrier, car seat or bassinet. This seat can be easily locked into place and is built to carry baby safely.

Detachable diaper bags may also be found that are designed to match the baby stroller and hold all the necessities while away from home. When the stroller doesn’t need to be used, simply detach it for a trip to grandma’s.

Special strollers are also available for niche uses like exercise. Walking and jogging is a great way to get back in to shape after pregnancy, and special jogging strollers take baby along for the ride. These strollers are triangular in shape and are equipped with only three wheels for easy maneuvering and a fun ride for all.

Tips for Buying a Baby Stroller

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A baby stroller is a great way to spend quality time with your baby outside but this piece of equipment needs to be considered carefully. With so many different models now available, you have some great choices but before you buy, consider the following factors.

Safety Comes First

Most importantly when buying a baby stroller is to choose one that is safe. The stroller should be stable enough that you could hang the diaper bag on the handles and it not fall over. If you plan to carry more than a diaper bag while out, a stroller with a basket carrier underneath is beneficial. However, you might think about a removable basket so when you are not using the stroller, it is easier to fold and store.

Baby Harness

Another consideration is choosing a stroller designed with the five-point safety system, which keeps small babies and toddlers securely restrained. For and older toddler, the three-point safety system would be okay.

Keeping the Baby and Parent Comfortable

Even if you plan only a short outing, you want to make sure your baby is comfortable. Additionally, the stroller need to make sure you are comfortable by having handles that work best for your height, smooth coated handles that make gripping easier and a design so that as you push the stroller, you are not constantly kicking the storage basket or wheels.

Age-Appropriate Stroller

Not all strollers are made for newborns or older toddlers. Therefore, you need to make sure the stroller being considered is made for the age of the baby. However, some of the nicer stroller designs currently available convert from a newborn to toddler model. Then, most strollers have the baby facing ahead but often, a child will feel safer and happier if seated facing you.

The Umbrella Stroller Design

One of the older styles of stroller is called an umbrella stroller, which is lightweight and inexpensive. However, while an umbrella stroller is easy to push and folds up quickly, making it ideal for a trip to the grandparents, it does not offer much protection from the elements or storage.

The Standard Type Stroller

This particular stroller design is designed to provide the baby with protection from wind, cold, and rain, it comes with convenient storage baskets, has much larger wheels that make pushing and maneuvering easier, and some have ergonomic handles. In fact, some of the standard strollers even come with a music system to help create a peaceful experience. If you plan taking your baby out shopping, to the zoo, or to other places with large crowds, this design might be a little oversized.

Strollers Made for Jogging

If you love walking or jogging, you can actually purchase a stroller designed specifically for this. Made with added stability and all-terrain wheels, the jogging stroller is fun and easy to use. Keep in mind, most manufacturers recommend a jogging stroller be used only for babies six months of age and older.

Travel Stroller

Probably one of the top choices is the travel system stroller. What makes this design so unique is that it features a sturdy, well-built stroller that comes with a car seat/carrier. When walking, the car seat/carrier is locked into the stroller but when going from outside to the car, it unlocks from the stroller and then locks into a car seat base, becoming a bona fide car seat that meets all safety regulations. Then when going inside to visit family or friends, the car seat/carrier is simply taken out of the car and taken inside. This conversion system is great for newborns and older toddlers.

Buying a Multi-Child Stroller

Today, even parents of twins, triplets, or more can purchase a car seat that holds everyone. For instance, if you have twins, you could purchase a side-by-side or front-to-back style of stroller.

Then, there is an alternative to this known as the sit-and-stand design. In this case, a toddler would have the option of standing on the platform or sitting down. To the child, this type of stroller is great in that he or she feels more independent. The child can stand while at a trip to the zoo but when tired, take a seat. You might also consider purchasing two lightweight, inexpensive strollers that are made to lock so they can be pushed together, side by side. However, if you need to push only one child, then the second stroller would be disconnected. With so many exciting options simply consider everything discussed and then purchase the type of stroller that would work best for you and your family.

Make Meal Time Easier with the Proper Baby Gear

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When your baby isn’t sleeping, he’s probably eating. Thus the importance of feeding during the earliest months and years of his life. Modern baby gear makes meal time much easier on the parents, as well as maintain style and design themes throughout the home.

Much sooner than expected, a baby will begin to try to feed himself. For this purpose, modern feeding bowls are necessary to decrease messes created and cleanup time required.

Many parents love the bowls equipped with a brim to catch runaway food. This bowl reduced waste during meal time, meaning that more of it actually reaches baby’s mouth. They are also available with a suction cup that will attach to the high chair and prevent spills onto your newly finished floor.

Babies, like adults, prefer warm food. Several new warming dish designs help in this area, too. You may be able to pour hot water into a bottom compartment to heat the food, or store for later use on the road. Others are able to simply be plugged in to the nearest electrical outlet for simple warming. These are created for babies, so mom and dad can rest assured that they’re safe while performing their job.

Bottle warmers are definitely an essential baby gear item. Perhaps the first form of food your baby will ingest, bottle warmers make formula or milk more palatable and easier to digest. You are able to choose the temperature of the bottle after determining which setting your baby likes. There is also a safety switch that turns the warmer off and prevents the bottle from becoming too hot.

If mom decides to breastfeed, there are now ways to make this process easier and safer. Baby gear like breast pumps are so discreet that they can be packaged in their own carrying case or bag for pumping on-the-go. Mom can also invest in special nursing bras to make access easy no matter where she is.

After meal time, sterilization is necessary of all your baby gear. Bottles, pumps and nipples are inexpensively cleaned and sterilized with any number of kits available, without harming the actual baby gear and preventing future use. Rather than washing everything meticulously by hand, invest in a special steam cleaner that operates much like those which clean surgical tools.

High chairs have also become quite stylish and much safer. No longer flimsy and easy to knock over, newer high chairs come in a variety of styles and designs. If you are short on space, consider a booster-type chair that sits directly on top of an existing chair. If you choose a stand-alone model, make sure it is sturdy enough to withstand a temper tantrum!

Pay close attention to the mechanism used to release the tray, too. Is there a safety mechanism that will prevent baby from accidentally releasing it with his arms? This tray should easily be removed after meal time for cleaning and removing baby as well.

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