Questions to Ask When buying a Baby Monitor

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While parents need numerous things for a new baby, one that provides an added level of safety and protection for the baby and peace of mind for mom and dad is the baby monitor. If you are a new parent, you likely want to watch your precious newborn every minute of the day but that would be impossible. However, with a baby monitor, you do have the ability to see your baby when you are doing things in other rooms of the home.

The great thing about using a baby monitor, whether audio or video is that you have the freedom to work in other rooms or even outside. When the baby awakens, you would know. This allows you to have some quiet time with your partner, play with older children, do housecleaning, work in the yard, and so on. Now, some neighborhoods may not have the same range as others so you will need to determine range for where you live. Once you know how far you can go, you can get other things done without the need to carry your beautiful baby around all day long.

As far as range for a baby monitor, remember that each type of system is slightly different. Therefore, you need to consider the size of the home, whether you want audio, video, or both, and so on so you purchase the best baby monitor for your needs. However, to help you make the best choice, you might consider the following:

* Newborn – Of course, if you have a brand new baby just home from the hospital, many parents will choose a sensor baby monitor. This system is designed to let you know if the baby turns into a position that might pose risk or begins to breathe abnormally. With a mobile sensor monitor, you would feel more at ease and with this being a portable system, it can be taken while visiting family and friends.

* Several Children – Another consideration for buying a baby monitor is the number of children in the home. For example, if you have a set of twins or even a newborn and a toddler, then you might want a video baby monitor so everyone could be watched. Typically, a system such as this comes with as many as four cameras so you can place them where needed and always have immediate view of the children. While this is a great choice in general, it works exceptionally well for sick children in that you can monitor them without being in their room all the time. In addition, a camera for a video baby monitor could be placed outside in the yard so you can keep a watchful eye on playing children if you needed to go inside.

Keep in mind that if you happen to live in an area where someone uses broadband, the video baby monitor might be affected. In this case, you would need to go with a digital video system. Not only will this work more reliably the picture will also have better clarity.

* Traveling – If you plan to take a trip with your baby or if you travel often, then a battery powered baby monitor is a great option. This mobile system simply runs on batteries and works well.

Additionally, some baby monitor systems are made to transmit signals using a cell network. Now, if you go with a monitoring system such as this, remember that you might have restriction on when the cell phone could be used and airtime might be more expensive.

* Audio for Baby – You might also consider a baby monitor that allows your child to hear you or other people in the home. With two-way communication, a baby going to sleep would be more relaxed when hearing the voices of mom and dad. Another benefit to this type of baby monitor is that when trying to get the baby to sleep or to create a peaceful environment for a sick baby, you could turn the two-way system on and play soothing music.

* Ultimate Range – As mentioned, range is a very important factor to look at when buying a baby monitor. If your home is large, then you need a system that has a stronger signal whereas if you live in smaller home or apartment, the signal would not need to be as strong. Even thick ceilings, walls, and floors could have an effect on how well the signal is received.

The key in shopping for a baby monitor is to look at all these factors so you end up with a system that will work for you and the baby. With so many options now available, you will have many models from which to choose.

Hampers Are a Stylish Option Which Help to Prevent the Spread of Germs

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Finding all the new baby gear needed for an upcoming birth can seem like a daunting yet exciting task. Yet, too few realize that the baby’s hamper can become a useful item that is also stylish and convenient.

Everyone gives new baby clothes that will last for the better part of the first year of a baby’s life or more. These cute little outfits are changed multiple times a day, creating a laundry list longer than your receipts for all those diapers and formula.

This is why a great hamper is so important. Hiding the mess and odors of babyhood keeps your home feeling as it should, as well as storing your to-do chore list and maintaining style and design in the nursery.

If you have pets, this hamper is especially important. Our furry family members can’t resist dirty baby clothes chock full of food stains and body fluid; they’ll claim them as their own if you don’t hide them in your new baby gear hamper!

When searching for a new hamper, consider the craftsmanship at hand. Can it withstand years of wear and tear, bumps and abuse from both animals and humans?

A sturdy frame made of metal or other material is only complimented by a great choice in fabric and pattern. However, as with all of your new baby gear, you want the hamper to remain safe for everyone. If baby pulls it over on him or the dog knocks it over, will anyone or anything be hurt in the process?

Make sure there aren’t any sharp edges or metal hardware sticking out from the hamper. Consider a hamper that’s easy to clean and sanitize, too. This will greatly reduce the level of odors and mess you’ll have to address when it’s full!

Don’t forget that babies get sick too, and these germs are carried by everything they wear and touch throughout the day. Their clothes are no exception, and you’ll want to sequester these from the outside elements and other members of your family to prevent the spread of germs.

If your new hamper is made of a nylon or plastic-like material, it will be relatively easy to spray or wipe it down with disinfectant. Some will also allow you to remove the lining completely for laundering purposes. Don’t use chlorine bleach, however, unless the manufacturer says that it’s okay. Most liners will become quite clean with mild detergent with non-chlorine bleach washed in hot water.

It is an absolute must to obtain a separate diaper hamper from the dirty laundry hamper. If you use cloth diapers, this is even more important to prevent cross-contamination.

Graco baby gear touts matching nursery tools such as diaper and other hampers, as does the line of Eddie Bauer baby gear. Remember to choose two hampers that coordinate with your nursery theme, but do not look so much alike that you may confuse the two when in a hurry! Modern designs will allow for functional and stylish choices in both diaper hampers and clothing hampers.

Pros and Cons of a Video Baby Monitor

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One of the best ways you can keep track of the goings on of your little one is with a video baby monitor. This type of monitor allows you to be in another room of the home and still see the baby at any given time. Many years ago, audio monitors came out but over the years, this type of system was vastly improved. However, now with the development of the video monitor, parents have a much more reliable means of watching their baby.

With the earlier audio monitoring system, a parent could hear noise in the room of the baby, specifically crying. However, the video baby monitor, not only lets parents hear but also see.

Another option is the movement sensor monitor, which is designed to sit in the baby’s crib, alerting you whenever the baby moves using lights and/or sound.

Some of the pros associated with a video baby monitor include:

Keep in mind that for a video baby monitor over other options, there are two primary advantages.

1. This type of monitor lets you see your baby on the monitor screen.

For this, you feel less stressed knowing you can look up to see your baby whenever you want. While this is a great choice for parents of older children, this is especially helpful for parents of newborns, giving them a chance to see the baby. Sometimes, a sleeping baby will be extremely quiet, which causes concern for a new parent so being able to see small movements or breathing brings peace of mind. Instead of going to the baby’s room all the time and possibly waking him or her, the video baby monitor does the work for you.

Even the newer movement sensors will provide this same advantage by alerting you if the baby moves. The only downfall is that all babies will move while sleeping so if he or she is simply having a restless night, you might find yourself spending a lot of time checking.

2. Being able to listen to sounds in the baby’s room is also beneficial.

With an audio baby monitor, you will hear some things but if you are in the kitchen cooking, watching television, or listening to a CD, there is the chance that something would be missed. In this case, a video baby monitor is advantageous in that if a sound were missed, you would still be able to see if the baby needs you. In other words, you would be able to listen to music or the television at normal volume and be confident because you can look at the monitor anytime to see if the baby is crying or restless.

Along with all the positive aspects of a video baby monitor, there are some cons to consider.

For instance, an audio monitor can be carried around with you as you do things in the house but the video baby monitor does not offer the same level of mobility. Instead, the monitor is positioned on the baby’s bed where it stays. To resolve the problem, you can always use the video system while at home and then when going on vacation or to visit grandparents, you could take the audio or movement sensor monitor with you.

Another possible solution for watching a baby with more mobility is by installing a webcam. For this, you would need to hook up a webcam that would monitor the baby but also a laptop computer so you can see movement. Another option would be to use two laptops, one to record and one to watch. If you go with this option, the laptops would need internet access. Then, the webcam laptop would be positioned toward the baby’s bed and the second laptop taken with you to work so you could see what was going on whenever you wanted. Unfortunately, this is somewhat cumbersome. Therefore, the best option is by purchasing a video baby monitor.

Fashion-Forward Baby Gear: The New Sling and Backpack Carriers

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Slings and homemade harnesses have been used for thousands of years when carrying baby while performing chores. These slings may carry baby in the front or on the back of mom or dad, and are currently a hugely popular baby gear item. No longer considered old and outdated, these fabric baby carriers are now designed with safety and style in mind.

The fabric that slings are made of is typically nylon or another nylon blend. This allows them to flex and bend to form to baby’s body, as well as remain comfortable for the carriers. Not only do slings provide an intimate and comforting form of carrying the baby around, but it will also exchange vital body heat in the colder months to keep baby warm.

Basic sling styles are very fashionable, but the designs and themes used in the fabric designs are never-ending. Some styles vary a tiny bit and reflect Eastern influences, using tried-and-true methods of transporting baby without needing a separate piece of hardware.

Wraps are fashioned as a modern take on ancient Asian baby carrying methods, and wrap around the caretaker’s back and waist. This makes the sling not only comfortable and sturdy, but helps to distribute the weight well enough to prevent hurting the caretaker’s back.

Backpack styles are a little more modern looking. Built in a standard harness fashion, they look much like the backpacks we wore to school everyday, but with holes for the legs and top half of the baby. A strap secures around the caretaker’s waist for added support. Baby can be worn on the stomach or back, depending on if he needs to be comforted or prefers to watch everything going on around him.

No matter where the baby is carried, he can also be turned toward or away from mom or dad. Each adult will probably have their own preference in wearing the carrier for weight distribution purposes, and these backpack styles allow each user to change the method.

Backpack carriers are built with a stronger frame and with strength in mind. These may be more ideal for older and heavier babies for safer transport. Attached pockets also allow for storing much-needed baby gear while on the go, and the harness strap system is just as safe as baby’s car seat mechanism.

Once baby is able to sit up on his own, he’ll probably prefer to explore the world around him and stimulate his senses. Backpack carriers are the best choice at this point. Earlier in a baby’s life, when he loves to be swaddled, a sling may be a better option. Most new parents will place both types on their baby gear wishlist for showers and other gifts.

Backpack and sling designs are available in a multitude of colors and patterns to match the other baby gear in tow. Little boys like the cars and puppy dogs, and little girls prefer ballerinas or kittens. Coordinate your new sling or backpack carrier with other baby gear to continue your design theme and remain as stylish as ever.

Helpful Information for Buying a Baby Crib

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When preparing for your baby, one of the most important things you will purchase is the crib, which number one, should be a safe and secure choice. With so many different types of cribs now on the market, we wanted to provide you with some helpful information so you make the right decision for your newborn.

Typically, cribs are made from wood, although some of the models now sold are designed with heavy-duty plastic. Depending on the style, one or both sides slide down so you can easily lift the baby up and put him or her to bed. Now, if you plan keeping one side of the crib against a wall, then a single slide down design is fine. However, some people with larger rooms place the crib in the center of the room, at which time having both sides slide down is more convenient. In addition to the standard rectangular crib, you will also find some beautiful round styles that look great in the center of a room.

Additionally, you will find cribs that have posts at the four corners, which are made so a canopy can connect and then drape beautifully to the side. In most cases, a canopy crib is chosen for a little girl in that it is has a delicate look.

One of the more popular types of baby crib now sold is the converter bed. This design looks like a regular crib but one with heavier wood on one side. As your baby grows into a toddler and is now ready for a big infant bed, the heavy wood side becomes the headboard and the bed portion converts into a larger bed. While this type of crib is a little more expensive upfront, it actually saves money by saving you from needing to purchase a regular bed when the child is ready. Now, if this is your last baby or you plan to have only one, then you might consider a crib and then invest in a second bed once the baby reaches toddler age.

The new cribs on the market have to meet very strict safety regulations by the government so if you go this route, you have nothing to worry about but if you find a bed at a garage sale, thrift store, or you have one given to you, it may not be safe. In this case, before you use the crib you will need to check with a consumer guide or the manufacturer to see if all safety laws are met. Keep in mind that cribs made in another country may not meet the same standards as those set in the United States so again, you need to check. For instance, eBay is a great online auction site where people can buy virtually anything for a bargain, even cribs but the changes of the crib coming from overseas is high.

If you find a crib at a store, garage sale, or through eBay that you like but it comes from a foreign country, the following should always be checked:

* Slats – Any baby crib being considered should have slats no more than 2 3/8-inch spaced apart. Anything more would put the child at risk for getting his or her head stuck and sadly, possibly suffocating. This problem is not one that should be fixed. Instead, do not use the crib – period.

* Corner Posts – If you like the design of a crib with four corner posts, make sure they are no more than 1/16 of an inch higher than the sides of the crib. Now, the only exception would be a canopy crib but even in this case, the corner posts should be a minimum of 16 inches higher than the crib’s sides. The problem is that if posts are not the correct height, bedding or a child’s clothing could become caught or entangled, which also increases risk of suffocation.

* Smoothness – When buying a bed made out of wood, take time to run your hand over every inch to make sure there are no rough spots or splinters. Other things to look for when examining the crib, used or new, is loose screws, joints, brackets, etc. In the case of a used crib, if it has been painted or varnished, the material used should be safe (lead free). Unfortunately, antique cribs have a certain charm that is difficult to find in newer models but many have coats of lead paint, which is very toxic.

* Mattress – Make sure you have the exact measurements of the inside parameter of the crib so you purchase the right size mattress. For this, if you can fit two or more fingers in between the sides of the crib and mattress then the mattress is too small. The goal is to choose one that fits using this guideline. Then, be sure you purchase the appropriate size of sheets in that if they are too small or they do not fit securely over the ends of the mattress, the material could present a risk of the child becoming tangled.

Along with the above information when looking at cribs coming from other countries, you also want to make sure a crib, regardless of where purchased or age is deemed safe.

* While cute, make sure pillows, stuffed animals, soft toys, and even loose clothing are never in the crib at the same time the baby is sleeping. If your child develops a strong connection with a stuffed animal, refusing to sleep without it, go ahead and put the child down but as soon as he or she dozes off, remove it from the crib.

* A mobile hanging safely over a crib is fine as long as it meets government safety standards, never let anything else hang on the inside of the baby’s crib. Additionally, NEVER place a crib near a window with curtains, blinds, or any type of window treatment. If you have blinds, cut the pull cords even if the crib is away from the window. These things have unfortunately resulted in the death of too many babies.

* A bumper is also cute in a crib but at the age when your baby begins pulling up while inside the crib, it needs to be removed. In this case, the bumper could provide the child with just enough of a boost to reach the top of the side, causing an accidental fall.

Develop Your Child’s Senses and Body with a Baby Bouncer

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Babies seem to always be on the move: crawling, walking and getting into everything. Mom and dad enjoy watching him develop strength and coordination, but baby bouncers are a great baby gear item to help him stay healthy and active while getting rid of some of that energy.

Investing in a baby bouncer is very important, but how do you know which one to choose? Baby gear always varies slightly from model to model, but you’ll first and foremost want to ensure your new bouncer is safe. Remember that little ones can wreak a lot of havoc, and the bouncer needs to be able to withstand this!

Consider a bouncer/rocker combination as a new part of your baby gear collection. Several different kinds of motion contribute to development of various muscle systems. Rocking motions are comforting and relaxing, and bouncing is a great cardiovascular workout for those growing legs.

Make sure the baby bouncer you’re considering is free of sharp edges and extensively padded. If you like the way your walls and furniture look the way they are, look for protected edges where the bouncer may come in contact with them. Lastly, ensure the bouncer has a wide and sturdy base to steady baby’s wobbly tendencies.

Typically, bouncers with wheels are great when baby is almost ready to start walking or recently took his first steps. These allow those all-important muscles, tendons and ligaments to gain enough strength to carry him on a daily basis. However, look for an added feature that allows you to lock the wheels when you want him to stay put.

Ideally, it’s nice to have baby gear with removable parts that are washable. Padding and any type of cloth covering is bound to be stained with mashed beans at some point, so look for models that include pads that snap into the baby bouncer.

Today’s newer baby bouncers include a battery-operated motor that lets baby rest while still being entertained. This is also a great tool to soothe an upset baby, and continually stimulates his visual and mental perceptions of his surrounding environments.

Check out the safety features of any baby gear you’re consider buying. Baby gear catalogs are typically great at outlining what type of restraints and other safety items are included with each model.

Your baby bouncer should include a sturdy harness between the legs and around the waist, but you don’t want it to pinch your baby’s legs. Check to see how easy the harness snaps into place, in case there’s ever a reason for you to do so in a flash.

Investing in baby gear that continually stimulates baby’s senses even when you’re tired out contributes to a healthy and normal future. Incorporating exercise, fun and stimulation gets the most bang for your buck with baby gear items like baby bouncers.

Don’t forget that you’ll need enough baby gear for twins and multiples; every child will need his or her own baby bouncer for any time that you need a break!

Help with Making a Soft and Cozy Baby Blanket

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Every baby needs a soft, cozy blanket, which could be purchased or better yet, made at home. Not only is this a great way to make something special for your baby or perhaps as a gift for another new mother, making your own baby blanket will also save money.

Tips for Sewing a Baby Blanket

Using flannel or fleece, sewing a baby blanket is actually easy. All you need to do is purchase fabric the size you want plus a few inches and then hem. Although you could make whatever size you want, the most common homemade baby blanket is made using one yard of fabric that measures 40 to 50 inches wide.

Now, if you know how to embroider, you could add something special such as the baby’s name, initials, or a cute design. However, if you do not know how to embroider, you can simply purchase an iron on or sew on patch.

When making a baby blanket for colder climates, all you need to do is purchase two layers of fabric. In between one piece of flannel or fleece place cotton batting and then add one piece of cotton fabric with a design on top, sewing the two pieces together. For an extra warm baby blanket, use two pieces of flannel or fleece.

Crocheting a Beautiful Baby Blanket

If you know the basic stitches for crocheting, all you need to do for a baby blanket is make a chain that would be the same width of the finished blanket. Then, form two rows by using the double stitch. Depending on the look you want, the yarn could be single or multi colored, or even alternated with different colors. Once the full size of the blanket is complete, you would need to crochet a single row around the edges and for the corners, use three chains.

Another great way to crochet a baby blanket is by taking colored or designed squares consisting of three to four rows, attaching them. For instance, if you wanted a nice checkerboard design, then all you would need to do is use two or more contrasting pastel or bold colors.

Additionally, many unique crochet baby blanket patterns could be used but before you start, make sure you look at the required stitches so you know if you can do them. Obviously, it would be a shame to buy a gorgeous pattern only to discover the most important stitch is something you do not know how to do.

In addition to crocheting a baby blanket, you might also consider hand knitting one. For this, plain knitting stitched would be used. However, another possibility is the moss stitch for a solid baby b, which is done by one knit and one purl along with a plain stitch at the location of a previous row purl, etc. Just as with crocheting, a hand knitted baby blanket could be done as a single color or any type of design wanted. In fact, some people will take knitted squares and to complete the blanket, sew them together.

In fact, when taking knitted squares and connecting them, the blanket can be expanded as the baby grows.

Now, whether crocheting or knitting a baby blanket, you want to always choose the best yarn. Babies have very delicate skin so the yarn needs to be extra soft. The best option is to avoid anything synthetic, going only with 100% wool or cotton.

Again, whether making a baby blanket for your newborn or as a gift to someone special, the thought, time, and effort that goes into the process is what makes this a cherished gift.

Choosing Your New Baby’s Crib

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Our parents had it quite easy when it came to choosing stock baby gear. Cribs, hampers and changing tables were unoriginal and very much the same when comparing several styles and brands. Fortunately, today we have many stylish themes and designs to choose from when shopping for a new baby crib.

Prior generations made it general practice to hand down cribs from family to family, but did not consider changing safety concerns or reduced viability. However, even if grandma gives you your father’s crib to use, you must remember that any crib made prior to 1974 was not regulated by national safety standards.

Old cribs make a great accent piece in the nursery, but should only be used for toys or play dolls. After 1974, safety code enforcers determined that slats between bars in baby cribs should be no wider than 2 3/8 inches to prevent a baby’s head from getting caught in them.

The bars on the crib should be strong enough to withstand babies pulling down on them or trying to climb over them, as well as be covered by a soft material. This will prevent a small bump from becoming a trip to the emergency room, or baby from chewing on and ingesting dangerous pieces of the crib’s material.

Don’t forget that the crib mattress should be equally supportive, too. Check that it is sturdy and does not fold up if a baby jumps on it. Rails under the mattress for support should include two through the center of it and cross-rails should allow for a foot or less of space between them.

Crib mattress choices include either inner spring or foam designs. Spring mattresses will provide support, yes, but also tend to bend toward the inside of the crib when baby is on it. This creates dangerous spaces between the mattress and crib rails that could trap a hand or foot.

Several choices are available in foam crib mattresses, much like modern adult mattresses today. Memory foam will be more expensive, but also creates a more secure area for your baby to sleep on.

If you simply must go with a cheaper foam mattress, remember to buy the crib with the highest rails possible. Foam mattresses allow baby to bounce higher, risking bumps on the head or chin if the rails are low enough to reach during this fun a.m. activity.

Many different styles and themes are available in baby cribs, so choose wisely; remember to keep your nursery décor in mind. There’s no reason to sacrifice style for functionality, and there are plenty of choices for you to peruse. Different sizes, finishes and colors will coordinate with virtually any type of mattress pad and bedding for your baby’s room.

Lastly, consider the ease in access for the crib railing. Does it use latches or foot pedals to release the railing? Some models may include both to increase safety and reduce the chances of accidental opening. However, you also don’t want it too difficult to access in the case of an emergency!

Developing the Mind with Educational Baby Toys

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In recent years, many parents have questioned whether educational baby toys really work in stimulating and developing a small child’s mind. For anyone interested in learning more, trying to find out if toys such as these are worth the money, research is always best.

We wanted to provide you with information that will help you gain a better understanding of how a baby learns, as well as the types of things they learn from birth on.

Animals in the wild become independent very early on but newborn babies depend on mom and dad for many years. Obviously, these years are a time of exploration and learning. After all, children are naturally curious so they want to figure out how everything in this big world works. As children grow into teenagers and then adults, the things learned will be what they survive on, which includes messages within the brain and the five senses.

For example, a newborn has a small and undeveloped brain. However, within the first 12 months of life, the brain will grow from about 30% of full adult size to 60%. With the baby’s brain growing 50% larger than when born, you can only imagine the vast amount of information being learned and retained. Therefore, it is important to provide your baby with educational stimulation for healthy growth and development.

With the actual size of the brain growing so quickly, the potential for your baby to learn is astounding but for the best development, again the brain must be stimulated.

Look at it this way, your baby’s brain is similar to a muscle. For the muscle to grow big and strong, it must be exercises. The brain is the same way and as it becomes larger, it develops a larger number of neurons, which are also known as never cells. Similar to electrical wires, when the baby is first born, there is no wire connection. Over time, strong circuits are created, which is what allows a human being to think, understand, process, and coordinate physical movements. The way these connections are made and become more secure is with outside stimulation such as sights and sounds found in everyday life.

The key is that the more the brain is stimulated the more neuron connections develop. The more nerve cells connect and fire, the more brain power the child will have. Therefore, in answer to the question regarding educational toys and their effectiveness in stimulating a child’s mind, yes, they do help a child become more intellectual.

Okay, so now you probably want to know what type of stimulation works best. The answer is that anything that involves the child’s five senses would be beneficial. These senses include:

1. Sight – When first born, babies do not see well but offering them brightly colored objects such as rattle, bottle, or other age-appropriate educational toys are the perfect choice.

2. Sound – Babies hear quite well at birth, responding to all types of noises but the best sounds for stimulation would be wind chimes, classical music, and lullabies.

3. Touch – Babies love touch, which helps them feel warm and secure but as the baby begins to reach for or touch objects, choose items with texture and bright colors. Not only is the child learning eye-hand coordination and better gripping skills, he or she is being stimulated mentally by the different materials used.

4. Smell and Taste – Although baby toys for smell are not available, once your baby begins experimenting with solid foods, offer the baby different foods and flavors, which is a type of stimulation. Just as with taste, you will simply need to provide your child with the chance to try different foods, allowing him or her to learn what foods are preferred.

The bottom line is that educational baby toys made by reputable manufacturers do in fact work. Using toys such as this stimulate the mind, resulting in a better developed child. However, along with toys, the most important thing a baby needs is cuddling time with mom and dad. For a well-balanced child, the key is lots of love, holding, and kissing, coupled with stimulation from educational toys.

Choosing the Right Baby Gear for Storage in the Nursery

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As a new parent, the nursery will be a place that you spend most of your time – free or not. Past generations considered this room merely a place to care for and nurse a new baby, but modern nurseries demand a level of style and comfort not seen before; this requires plenty of user-friendly baby gear that is both functional and stylish.

Diapers will be one of the most dealt with items in your baby’s life. Having a place to store and dispose of them is of utmost importance to cut down on unneeded clutter and germ transmission. This is where a proper diaper bin comes in to play.

Modern diaper bins offer an air-tight area to keep odor from traveling throughout the entire house before trash or laundry day. Most bins are made of an easy-to-clean plastic or nylon that can also be simply sprayed or wiped down with disinfectant to eliminate nasty germs and dirt.

New diapers are easily stored in a fashionable box or basket. New parents need this baby gear to both hide the diapers from plain view until needed, as well as keep them free from contaminants. For this purpose, consider a wicker-style basket or modern metal box. Covers and liners can be ordered or fashioned to match a variety of nursery themes and décor.

Purchasing several of these matching baskets or boxes also gives a great storage place for toys or other play items during the baby’s first years. Be sure to choose a design that will remain functional for the next several months. Compartmentalized boxes will also store audio CDs for relaxing and soothing sounds during feeding or bed time.

These boxes can also be coordinated with modern nursing kits to complete the baby gear needed in the nursery. Within this nursing kit, you will need the following:

• Digital thermometer: Your mother probably used a mercury thermometer that is rarely used today due to the toxic properties of this metal. A modern digital thermometer is virtually indestructible, and is quick and easy to use when you must check baby’s temperature.

• Iodine/Antibacterial spray: Although this is probably already in your medicine cabinet, this should also be included in your baby gear nursing kit for quick and easy access when you need it.

• Band-aids: After using the antibacterial spray, you’ll want easy access to special tiny band-aids to stop the bleeding and encourage healing.

• Nasal aspirator: Keep this in the nursery boxes to store them away from germy and bacteria-ridden bathroom items.

• Medicine dropper: In the unavoidable case that your baby will need medicine from time to time, keeping a medicine dropper within easy reach allows you to give him his prescription while attentive and on the changing table.
After choosing the ideal storage boxes and baskets for diapers and your baby’s first aid kit, your nursery baby gear will maintain functionality and fluidity throughout for a streamlined design.

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