How to Choose the Perfect Baby Shower Theme

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If you’re hosting the baby shower party for the expectant mother, an important part of the planning process is to decide whether to implement a baby shower theme, and how to determine the best theme ideas for the event. Color schemes, whether you’re planning a boy baby shower or girl baby shower, and input from the mother will most likely help in determining the type of theme you’ll use.

It’s best to meet with the mother well ahead of time and ask if she would like a themed baby shower, or which themes she may be incorporating into the nursery. She may have a specific idea of a theme she’d like to use, or at least give you ideas to come up with your own.

Obviously, a surprise baby shower will not afford you this convenience. However, looking at her gift registry to get an idea of colors and themes she likes for the baby may give you a great starting point. As the host, you should already know the mother well enough to understand her personality and general likes and dislikes.

First, you must decide what type of shower you’ll be having. Will it be formal or informal? Are the guests women only, or will men be included? If you’re having a co-ed or couples shower, remember that many decorations and themes the women may find “cute” will not be as appealing to male guests necessarily.

However, if the baby shower party is to be for girls only, your choices in baby shower themes is literally endless. If you know the sex of the baby, this will give you further information to use in this planning process. Also remember that you shouldn’t choose a theme that will be extremely difficult to coordinate or find decorations and games for, either.

You may consider a prince or princess baby shower theme, Disney character themes, animals, nursery rhymes, angels, rubber ducks, sports, holidays, celebrities, special twin themes, or baby apparel and supplies themes.

Your chosen baby shower theme should be approved by the mother-to-be if the party is not planned as a surprise. Other themes may include a ‘Safety Shower’ where all gifts are aimed toward keeping baby and child safe, or a ‘Pamper Mommy’ shower that centers around comforting the mom during delivery and during the stressful first months of her new schedule.

Mothers expecting their second or third child may not require as many standard gifts, as she may already own several of them. In this case, you can be a little more creative in your choice of themes, and reduce the pressure for guests to bring big and expensive gifts. A scrapbook may be an ideal personalized gift, where every guest offers a special message or idea for different pages to be included. This also creates a great activity during the baby shower party.

With a little creativity and input from the mother, virtually any baby shower theme can be planned for. Considering the guest list, plans for the baby, and time and money involved, it’s easy to create a fun day of socialization and celebration that everyone can enjoy.

Choosing the Right Baby Shower Favors

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Baby shower favors are customary for the host to provide to guests to thank them for taking part in the planned celebration. Taking time to attend and celebrate with friends and family can be more difficult for some, but showing gratitude for this effort and giving everyone something to remember the occasion by is always a good idea.

A ton of money needn’t be spend on baby shower favors. There are several options for homemade baby shower favors or very inexpensive options. The cost and extravagance is not what’s important – it simply needs to be something which commemorates the occasion.

Several retail and online stores specialize in such items, and can even be coordinated with many different baby shower themes. You may use a variety or sole items such as candles, candies, photo frames, magnets, writing utensils with an inscription of the coming baby’s name, home bath and spa products, or even seed packets. Yellow rubber duckies are always a classic favorite, as well as bottle-shaped or appropriately colored baby shower favors.

More formal baby showers may in fact call for a more extravagant choice in baby shower favours. Upscale items commonly used at these types of parties include silver tea spoons tied with a ribbon, coffee scoops, fine chocolate candy, and candles set inside a crystal bootie. These are also usually wrapped in baby shower themed bags and boxes for a great presentation on the table.

Baby shower favours can cost anywhere from $1 to several dollars a piece. This is why the hosts’ budget for the event is so important – the tone and type of baby shower to be held will largely determine the most appropriate choice in favors for the guests. A more formal event will require a larger budget for this item, which may mean that costs need to be cut elsewhere.

The larger the party, the more expensive the baby shower favors become, too. Every person that attends will need to leave with one, so make sure you order and purchase plenty for unexpected arrivals who failed to RSVP.

Also take in to account the types of guests you’re inviting. Varying ages, marital statuses, mothers and non-mothers will require a more general baby shower favor that all of these types will find appealing and useful. If you’re holding a co-ed or couples shower, this will require some added thought to make the favor a fun item for the men, too.

If the party is planned well in advance, you can keep your eyes open for sale and clearance baby shower favors at local supply or online stores. This can also be something that you shop for before ever setting the date; simply ask the mother for input, or what type of theme and colors she’ll want to see included. Of course, at this time you’ll have no idea how many guests will attend.

If your favors are more specific, a time period to shop for them is 4 to 6 weeks before the party. Also, keep your receipts in the case that you need to return more expensive favors.

Creating Unique Baby Shower Favors

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Everyone loves a good baby shower. They are always a fun and exciting celebration welcoming a new life in the world, and should be remembered always. If you’re the lucky gal that gets to plan and throw the baby shower, finding a wonderful keepsake baby shower favor is perhaps the best job of all. Everyone will love a creative gift as a memento of this special occasion.

Humor is always well-appreciated amongst any group. A funny baby shower favor should also be practical, much like the “She’ll Soon See Her Feet Again” pedicure set with a pair of sandals. Pink and black designs are both feminine and appeal to any taste.

Cheese graters packaged with a pretty bow and see-through container will also bring a roar of laughter with the message “World’s Gratest Mom.” Every guest will use the gift in her kitchen, and even place it as a decorative item on her shelf.

Useful kitchen gadgets are always appreciated, including such shower favors as teapot timers. They can be both decorative and practical, and accompanied by a fun message stating “Baby is Brewing.” Everyone will hoot and holler over the witty gift tag that goes home with each and every guest.

Salt and pepper shakers may also be customized to create a functional kitchen tool as a baby shower favor. These are shaped like little baby chicks, and packaged in a box proclaiming they are “About to Hatch.” They can either be stored for safekeeping as a special memento, or used for their intended purpose while cooking and eating.

If you’d like to give a shower favor that is also a great baby gift, consider a mini-piggy bank for saving coins and bills. This “Li’l Saver” baby shower gift comes packaged with a black and white dotted bow, and is easily used by all of your guests after returning home.

Everyone also loves a great scented candle packaged in a pretty votive holder. These will provide hours of soothing light and pleasant aromas, and can also become a personalized baby shower gift. Etch or paint the holder with the baby’s initials or name for all the guests to remember this special occasion!

Baby showers always require food, and sometimes a full meal if you so desire. If this is the case, make part of your décor a take-home baby shower favor such as the placecards and holders. Little lamb holders claiming they are celebrating the “baaby” create a unique theme, are practical and fun, and are wonderful mementos of your special party.

Any one of these ideas presents a great way to package and give special baby shower favors that can also double as ideal baby shower gifts for the baby and mother-to-be. Creating these unique presents is perhaps the most fun of the entire shower planning process, so throw caution to the wind and never hesitate to try something new and memorable.