Choosing the Right Baby Shower Favors

March 29, 2009 by  
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Baby shower favors are customary for the host to provide to guests to thank them for taking part in the planned celebration. Taking time to attend and celebrate with friends and family can be more difficult for some, but showing gratitude for this effort and giving everyone something to remember the occasion by is always a good idea.

A ton of money needn’t be spend on baby shower favors. There are several options for homemade baby shower favors or very inexpensive options. The cost and extravagance is not what’s important – it simply needs to be something which commemorates the occasion.

Several retail and online stores specialize in such items, and can even be coordinated with many different baby shower themes. You may use a variety or sole items such as candles, candies, photo frames, magnets, writing utensils with an inscription of the coming baby’s name, home bath and spa products, or even seed packets. Yellow rubber duckies are always a classic favorite, as well as bottle-shaped or appropriately colored baby shower favors.

More formal baby showers may in fact call for a more extravagant choice in baby shower favours. Upscale items commonly used at these types of parties include silver tea spoons tied with a ribbon, coffee scoops, fine chocolate candy, and candles set inside a crystal bootie. These are also usually wrapped in baby shower themed bags and boxes for a great presentation on the table.

Baby shower favours can cost anywhere from $1 to several dollars a piece. This is why the hosts’ budget for the event is so important – the tone and type of baby shower to be held will largely determine the most appropriate choice in favors for the guests. A more formal event will require a larger budget for this item, which may mean that costs need to be cut elsewhere.

The larger the party, the more expensive the baby shower favors become, too. Every person that attends will need to leave with one, so make sure you order and purchase plenty for unexpected arrivals who failed to RSVP.

Also take in to account the types of guests you’re inviting. Varying ages, marital statuses, mothers and non-mothers will require a more general baby shower favor that all of these types will find appealing and useful. If you’re holding a co-ed or couples shower, this will require some added thought to make the favor a fun item for the men, too.

If the party is planned well in advance, you can keep your eyes open for sale and clearance baby shower favors at local supply or online stores. This can also be something that you shop for before ever setting the date; simply ask the mother for input, or what type of theme and colors she’ll want to see included. Of course, at this time you’ll have no idea how many guests will attend.

If your favors are more specific, a time period to shop for them is 4 to 6 weeks before the party. Also, keep your receipts in the case that you need to return more expensive favors.