Tips for Buying a Baby Stroller

March 24, 2009 by  
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A baby stroller is a great way to spend quality time with your baby outside but this piece of equipment needs to be considered carefully. With so many different models now available, you have some great choices but before you buy, consider the following factors.

Safety Comes First

Most importantly when buying a baby stroller is to choose one that is safe. The stroller should be stable enough that you could hang the diaper bag on the handles and it not fall over. If you plan to carry more than a diaper bag while out, a stroller with a basket carrier underneath is beneficial. However, you might think about a removable basket so when you are not using the stroller, it is easier to fold and store.

Baby Harness

Another consideration is choosing a stroller designed with the five-point safety system, which keeps small babies and toddlers securely restrained. For and older toddler, the three-point safety system would be okay.

Keeping the Baby and Parent Comfortable

Even if you plan only a short outing, you want to make sure your baby is comfortable. Additionally, the stroller need to make sure you are comfortable by having handles that work best for your height, smooth coated handles that make gripping easier and a design so that as you push the stroller, you are not constantly kicking the storage basket or wheels.

Age-Appropriate Stroller

Not all strollers are made for newborns or older toddlers. Therefore, you need to make sure the stroller being considered is made for the age of the baby. However, some of the nicer stroller designs currently available convert from a newborn to toddler model. Then, most strollers have the baby facing ahead but often, a child will feel safer and happier if seated facing you.

The Umbrella Stroller Design

One of the older styles of stroller is called an umbrella stroller, which is lightweight and inexpensive. However, while an umbrella stroller is easy to push and folds up quickly, making it ideal for a trip to the grandparents, it does not offer much protection from the elements or storage.

The Standard Type Stroller

This particular stroller design is designed to provide the baby with protection from wind, cold, and rain, it comes with convenient storage baskets, has much larger wheels that make pushing and maneuvering easier, and some have ergonomic handles. In fact, some of the standard strollers even come with a music system to help create a peaceful experience. If you plan taking your baby out shopping, to the zoo, or to other places with large crowds, this design might be a little oversized.

Strollers Made for Jogging

If you love walking or jogging, you can actually purchase a stroller designed specifically for this. Made with added stability and all-terrain wheels, the jogging stroller is fun and easy to use. Keep in mind, most manufacturers recommend a jogging stroller be used only for babies six months of age and older.

Travel Stroller

Probably one of the top choices is the travel system stroller. What makes this design so unique is that it features a sturdy, well-built stroller that comes with a car seat/carrier. When walking, the car seat/carrier is locked into the stroller but when going from outside to the car, it unlocks from the stroller and then locks into a car seat base, becoming a bona fide car seat that meets all safety regulations. Then when going inside to visit family or friends, the car seat/carrier is simply taken out of the car and taken inside. This conversion system is great for newborns and older toddlers.

Buying a Multi-Child Stroller

Today, even parents of twins, triplets, or more can purchase a car seat that holds everyone. For instance, if you have twins, you could purchase a side-by-side or front-to-back style of stroller.

Then, there is an alternative to this known as the sit-and-stand design. In this case, a toddler would have the option of standing on the platform or sitting down. To the child, this type of stroller is great in that he or she feels more independent. The child can stand while at a trip to the zoo but when tired, take a seat. You might also consider purchasing two lightweight, inexpensive strollers that are made to lock so they can be pushed together, side by side. However, if you need to push only one child, then the second stroller would be disconnected. With so many exciting options simply consider everything discussed and then purchase the type of stroller that would work best for you and your family.