Pregnancy – The Good, Bad, and Ugly

March 11, 2009 by  
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Without doubt, pregnancy is an incredible miracle, a time of huge change as a new human being is being created. Being able to conceive, carry a healthy child, and then give birth is an experience that is hard to describe. This life growing in your womb is a blessing and for many women, the entire pregnancy is easy or with few problems.

Typically, a pregnant woman will see her pregnancy as a life-changing time, a time of new life. Women become very protective, knowing they now have a very important responsibility of raising the child in a loving and safe home. During the pregnancy, there are special moments between mother and child as she feels the fetus kicking and moving about. This intimate moment cannot be compared to any other life experience.

There are many special aspects of pregnancy but one is the special glow that soon-to-be moms have. People see a difference in appearance as the woman carries this special bundle around inside her body. Even the reaction received by other people while pregnant is different. For instance, people will offer to carry groceries, open doors, run errands, and so on. Being pregnant offers times of pampering, which women love. Since the pregnancy will only last for nine months, we suggest you enjoy the royal treatment while it lasts.

Along with all the good aspects of being pregnant, there are also some challenges. Fatigue and discomfort are common, especially as the pregnancy progresses so the woman will feel tired and find it difficult to do things she did one month before. There are also huge mood swings as the result of hormonal change. With this, a pregnant woman may awaken on Monday feeling fantastic and then on Tuesday become extremely difficult. The most common symptom of pregnancy is morning sickness, which causes nausea and often vomiting.

Every pregnant woman has a different experience but no matter what you might be faced with, the key to happiness is to keep your focus on the delivery of your precious baby. Interestingly, most newborns are not cute. They have wrinkled skin, crunched up faces, and sometimes, cone heads. However, after a few days pass that all goes away and you can now look into the eyes of your beautiful son or daughter. Most new moms agree that they cannot even remember or imagine life prior to the baby. Even if the pregnancy were difficult, all the bad memories simply fade away as this beautiful creation is held close.

There are many excellent books, e-books and guides that you can read so that you know what to expect during this special time, and also how to prepare for the birth and caring of your baby.