Possible Causes of Morning Sickness

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Although there are a number of signs of pregnancy such as breast tenderness and a missed menstrual cycle, morning sickness is the one that most women notice first. In most cases, early pregnancy symptoms such as this will appear in about two weeks from conception. With this, a woman will feel nauseated first thing in the morning although some women feel sick during the afternoon and even at night. Because morning sickness usually happens in the morning, many women will simply overlook it as being a sign of hunger.

There are some pregnant women who never have morning sickness at all but the majority will have some degree of nausea. In some instances, morning sickness is severe causing vomiting that can lead to dehydration. Studies have shown that women who have had problems with migraine headaches or motion sickness are at greater risk for experiencing morning sickness while pregnant.

There is a lot of debate as to the actual cause of this pregnancy symptom but most experts believe it has something to do with the hormonal changes that occur. Another pregnancy symptom that may or may not occur is heartburn, also known as acid reflux. In this case, hormone changes n the first weeks pregnant cause a higher level of acid and then in the third trimester, the added pressure on the diaphragm is believed to be the culprit.

Many doctors also contribute pregnancy morning sickness to the fact that women carrying a baby have a heightened sense of smell. Therefore, smells that would normally not bother them now become overwhelming, thus causing nausea.

Even being tired, overwhelmed, and stressed is believed to cause this pregnancy symptom. After all, if you were to ask 100 women if they felt tired during pregnancy, all 100 would say yes although the severity would vary.

Although most pregnant women will only have morning sickness during the first three months once hormone levels settle down, there are some women who experience this throughout the entire nine months of pregnancy.

If you are currently pregnant, chances are that you have a mother, grandmother, aunt, and friends who have offered a ton of advice. Some of the older generation often offer home remedies or family medicine to make the morning sickness go away but you need to listen to your doctor since every pregnancy is unique, even among families. Yes, there are some old remedies that can do wonders but there are also modern day medicines that work well too.

To decrease the level of nausea felt early in the morning, we suggest you keep crackers by the bed and before getting up, eat a few and allow them to settle. If you still work while pregnant, keep a few light, non-greasy snacks in your desk. The key is to keep something in your stomach at all times so the increased acid level does not build too high.

Many pregnant women swear by sucking or chewing on crushed ice. Even carbonated drinks such as soda have a calming effect on the stomach. You might also try tea for this pregnancy symptom, choosing things such as chamomile, green, or root ginger tea. Most often, these teas are not only calming on the stomach but they are also great for helping you relax.

As long as your doctor approves, you can also take over the counter medications for motion sickness. These are generally safe for pregnancy and they work quite well.

No pregnant woman wants to deal with morning sickness but this is a normal symptom. Although morning sickness can make you feel miserable, the baby is unaffected. Now, in the case where you cannot keep food or fluid down, you need to talk to your doctor. With this, you could easily become dehydrated, which would affect both you and the baby. A sign that you are seriously dehydrated is having dark urine with a very powerful odor. If you notice this, call your doctor right away.

Morning sickness and pregnancy usually go hand-in-hand but by keeping something light in your stomach, getting adequate rest, and drinking lots of fluid, you can keep the nausea under control. Pay attention to your body while pregnant and remember that morning sickness will pass. At that time, you can begin to focus on eating a well-balanced diet, one that will get you through your pregnancy and help the development of your precious baby.