How to Deal With Your Body Image As A Pregnant Mother

April 19, 2009 by  
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Any expectant mother will expect to deal with a lot of issues in her pregnancy, both physical and psychological. Physical issues involving the body can be complicated, but easy to sort out. The increased production of body hormones has been studied by experts and medical technology has been deemed to be up to the task of improving the pregnancy stages, labor and delivery.

On the other hand, emotional factors are much more complex but need to be dealt with too!

The most obvious physical change of all is the increased weight gain and loss of body shape, especially as the baby develops in size. The outlooks towards pregnancy have evolved with the years, with different women showing different attitudes towards it.

In some women, the change that comes with pregnancy is celebrated and enjoyed, whereas other women think that the changes are a necessary evil they have to go through to obtain what they want: a baby.

In this case, these feelings can be acerbated by any weird comments from an insensitive spouse. Some of these comments may be meant to be cruel or can be inaccurately interpreted through mood swings caused by increased hormonal production.

Your attitude towards the changes brought on by pregnancy needs to be positive, if you want to get through these months without falling into depression. So think about it and device certain strategies to get you through your pregnancy in one piece!

Most women who have an optimistic outlook towards pregnancy in general will find their own pregnancies easier to bear. However, a chink in your self-esteem will find you struggling to cope with your pregnancy. If your self-respect is dependant on the way you look, you’ll have trouble coping with the changes that pregnancy brings.

Remember to keep your focus on the positive side of life, so that you are able to confront this issue of change within your body; be it weight gain, frequent urination, lower body aches, or anything else. You can deal with it!

Any expectant mother will feel elated and awed when she first feels her baby move. This moment is so precious and beautiful that it should be shared by both the parents. Human beings come into being through reproduction, and this moment brings it all to life. The heartbeat of your baby and its tiny movements are worth all the changes to your body, aren’t they?

When dealing with remarks from other people, try not to take them at face value. Consider the source of the remark, before you let it affect you in anyway. When somebody passes on a rude comment, ignore it. Don’t let it bother you. It’s always best if you ignore what some folks say. What do they know about being pregnant, right?

In summary, any woman undergoing pregnancy is in the process of nurturing new life in her womb, and this process is not easy. Don’t focus on the changes taking place, instead focus on the end result of it all: your baby. Don’t let anyone get you down. After all, pregnancy really is one of the best experiences of a woman’s life, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!