Kids Activities–Top 10 Activities for the summer

December 27, 2009 by  
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Kids always look forward to summer. This is evident on how they count the days until summer break. However, when summer finally arrives, they end up getting bored. Children’s attention span can be very short and before you know it they have run out of things to do for the summer. To help you choose the best kids activities for the summer, here are top ten suggestions which you can opt to do with your children.
1. Pitch a tent and go camping. This is a good way to bond with your kids. During the day you can spend time playing Frisbee, go swimming or hiking, or simply relax in a hammock. At night, you can build a fire, tell ghost stories, and roast marshmallows. Certainly, a cheap way to keep your family entertained.
2. Pack your bags and go to the beach. The beach is an ultimate summer destination. It is also the perfect getaway for your kids as they can go swimming in the sea. Other kids’ activities your kids can do on the beach include building a sand castle, collecting seashells, and playing a game of beach volleyball.
3. Gear up and go for a nature walk. Hiking is a good physical exercise and you can share the experience with your kids. Do a research on the best places to hike and keep in mind points of interest like caves and waterfalls. Ensure that the hiking trail you will be taking is age-appropriate so that you don’t end up carrying your kid on your back.
4. Experience home away from home in a cottage. Renting a cottage is just like camping the milder way. You don’t have to live in tents and sleep on the ground. Instead, you get a cottage complete with facilities which are commonly found in a house. The activities that can be done when you rent a cottage depend on the kind of adventure you want for your family.
5. Strap on and go to an amusement park. Roller coasters tickle the fancy of every kid. The thrill of the ride makes their hearts beat fast which they love. As parents, you may already have had your time to enjoy these rides in your youth, but nevertheless, the smiles on your kids’ faces as they finish a ride is just priceless.
6. Bring them closer to nature and go to the zoo. Kids just love everything about animals. And bringing them to the zoo is a very pleasant experience for them. It is also a way for you to teach them about how animals live and why they should be loved instead of feared.
7. Get ready to be wet and visit a water park. Just like beaches, your kids will surely enjoy the wading pools, waterslides, splash pads, and wave pools found in a water park. Getting wet is definitely a good way to beat the heat of summer.
8. Contribute to your community by visiting local attractions. Sometimes, tourists experience more of a place than the actual residents living there. Now is the time to break the habit and see for yourself the amazing places your locality has to offer. Your kids will even be delighted to know that such a place exists so near to where they are living.
9. Sweat it out with a game or two. Indulge in a game of bowling or baseball with your children. Doing this will up your bonding time and will allow you to discover and nurture the talents your kids may have.
10. Spend quality time at home. As simple as it may seem, spending quality time at home is probably one of the best things you can do for summer. This involves joining your children for a computer game, teaching them how to bake, or spending time together to complete a jigsaw puzzle.
These are the top ten kids’ activities for the summer. Getting involved in your children’s development will give them a lifetime of memories that they will surely thank you for.