How To Hire A Decent Tutor For Your Child’s Homeschooling

January 5, 2009 by  
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Most parents just aren’t mentally geared to homeschool their child. Even so, they would like their child to have the best education possible, and understand that this cannot be done by sending them to public school. Private schools are very expensive, so a viable option between the two is exactly what they’re looking for! Here’s the answer: Get a tutor!

The beginning of this process starts with some research into the type of tutor you require, as well as the availability. And this depends on the exact homeschooling approach you wish them to use. This leads to further questions about the style of learning that your child naturally uses. It is important to go with a tutor who is in harmony with the student, to avoid any potential problems that might develop between the two. This is the foundation of a good homeschooled education.

One of the various homeschooling approaches requires the teacher to have a focus on the child, rather than the other way around. This method, popularized by Maria Montessori, requires a definite sort of tutor, who is flexible, creative and innovative.

The Classical approach to homeschooling is more structured, and requires a type of tutor who is highly educated, quite dedicated and has excellent resources through which he enlightens the students. This approach was used in monasteries, and is very popular until today.

As it has with everything else in the last decade, the internet has also had an influence on tutoring: positively! Before the advent of the internet, doing research and finding the right tutor for your kids was a matter of luck. Today, it is something more than that!

If you’re looking for a tutor, you can simply type ‘homeschooling tutor’ into any search engine and get prompt results! Contact those you feel are right, and call for interviews. You should do some research and know exactly what standards you require your child’s tutor to have. However, with the advent of social networking media, you can easily get good recommendations from friends or even strangers!

There are quite a few tutors who only work online. These will do if your child is naturally keen on learning, and only requires guidance and resources, which a great tutor will easily provide. Emails, interactive video software, webcams and internet learning tools provide homeschooling with a difference! Thus, parents can get an excellent tutor who lives on the other end of the country for their kid’s homeschooling!

Next comes the issue of homeschooling tutor costs.

While most parents may think that having a tutor is an expensive option, they’ll soon realize otherwise, once all the schooling costs are accounted for. The Internet has increased competition, and thus helped to reduce cost of tutoring. Parents may feel that they can run a home-based business and make more than the cost of the tutoring, rather than dedicating all their time to homeschooling their kids themselves. This is a very attractive option, and one that parents embrace whole-heartedly.

After all, it is your child who is gaining the benefits, right?