The Long List of Massage Therapy

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There are many types of massage therapy that are commonly used. These massage techniques are unique and benefits so diverse, that there would be hardly anyone who would not get some sort of advantage out of them. Results of massage therapy may range from a simple feeling of refreshment to the healing of a nagging backache. It can also cure headaches and body pain, and relieve a person of anxiety and tension. Several massage techniques and auxiliary therapies aid in the optimum functioning of massage therapy.

The two main categories of massage therapies are listed below:

* Medical massage therapy
* Energy massage therapy

These two categories can be further subdivided. The first, medical massage therapy, has four subsections which are listed below:

* Sports massage therapy
* Massage therapy which involves stretching and exercising
* Orthopedic exercises
* Neuromuscular massage

The second, energy massage therapy, has three subsections as given below:

* Therapy by touch
* Reiki
* Therapy by polarity, or a combination of touch and polarity

Some other therapies that complement massage therapy are the following:

* Aromatherapy
* Osteopathy
* Reflexology

Many massage therapists restrict their training to just one particular type of massage therapy, though some of them may be adept in more than one form of massage therapy. Some of the eastern massage therapy programs, in which massage therapists specialize, are acupressure and shiatsu.

Acupressure is quite similar to the well-known therapeutic system of acupuncture. Unlike acupuncture which uses needles, acupressure uses massage therapy to apply pressure to certain points in the body by pressing deep tissue. Acupressure does not involve the use of massage oils.

Shiatsu massage therapy is a combination of acupressure methods and ordinary massage therapy to bring about energy balance and thus lessen discomfort.

Other two manifestations of massage therapy are Swedish massage and relaxation massage. The massage technique used in these is the stroking of different groups of muscles in a gentle and firm way. In a relaxation massage, the strokes are more smooth and flowing. Both these massage therapies improve circulation and remove tension.

Then there is the workplace massage therapy which lasts for just 10 to 15 minutes and is done for office employees during coffee breaks. Another massage therapy goes by the name Cranial Sacral massage therapy. Here massage is done on the neck and the head.

Remedial massage is a form of massage therapy which is completely medical in nature. This is meant for strengthening of tendons, ligaments, and muscles that have sustained any form of injury. The tissue is massaged here to affect faster healing. An individual can practice this form of massage therapy on himself at home.

Another form of massage therapy is where pressure is applied on certain reflex points on the feet to have an effect on the corresponding points on the body and thus bring about a balance. In this, pressure is applied using the thumb and the finger. When essential oils are used for massage therapy, it becomes aromatherapy massage.

Deep tissue massage makes use of many massage techniques. Some of the forms of massage therapy which uses deep tissue massage are the following:

* Sports massage therapy
*Connective tissue massage
* Therapy based on the trigger point of the pain
* Neuromuscular massage Techniques

There is also hot stone massage that improves the blood circulation in the muscles. This may sometimes be done in combination with Pilates workout.

With so many types of massage therapy to choose from, finding one that is most suited for your body requirements is not going to be a difficult deal.