The Benefits of Massage Chairs

March 16, 2009 by  
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There are all types of massage equipments like massage tables, massage chairs, portable massage tables and massage beds. Of these, the most commonly used ones, with a wide range of massage techniques, are massage chairs.

During the 1980s, in the early stages of its inception into the massage therapy world, the massage chair was not very popular. But soon its usefulness in bringing out the effects of the Swedish and Shiatsu methods of massage therapy was noticed. People saw that massage chair could reduce back pain and relieve a person of tension and stress.

Now there are several makes of massage chairs in the market. The main parts of a massage chair are rollers and nodes and motors. Motors are what powers rollers and nodes, which function as the arms and fingers of the therapist, and massage the user. While bigger rollers and nodes give a general massage, smaller ones can massage specific areas and can be moved across the body to target different body parts. Nodes and rollers, and chair seat, can be adjusted to suit the height, weight, width and comfort of the user. Shiatsu massage chair, ijoy massage chair, human touch massage chair, dolphin massage chair, homedics massage chair, panasonic massage chair etc. are some of the better known massage chair models.

Some massage chairs are better programmed with computer assistance for adjustability. All massage chairs adjust to the user’s height and size by sensing the pressure upon it. By these adjustments the nodes and rollers of the massage chair locate the different points of the client’s back which has to be massaged in particular ways.

Massage chairs come with several modifications today. Some massage chairs can give warmth, while others have more adjustability. Yet others are more durable. Different massage therapy techniques are utilized in different models. Some massage chairs can provide the comforts of a Swedish massage by kneading the back with thumb pressure around the area of the spine. This type massage chair removes the knots on the back.

An ideal model of a massage chair can have 6 motors and 8 rollers. It would be capable of at least 10 functions. There would be a rolling footrest, provisions for seat adjustment and warming the feet, an electronic recliner, and an S-shaped feature for spine detection. A shiatsu massage chair with these functions can give the user all shiatsu massage functions. All good massage chairs can do tapping, mechanical kneading, and also synchronize functions.

Many massage chairs have added features like pillow pad, back cushion, seat cushion, arm rest, calf support, and other controls which are detachable. There are manual control options in massage chairs that help the user to switch between kneading or knock or strength. With the massage control system, the user can target different body parts like hips, legs, buttocks, neck, shoulders, upper back, or whole of the back for massage. There are panasonic massage chairs with voice guidance systems and customizable programs.

Mechanized arms and fingers cannot fully replace human hands. But massage chairs are as good a substitute as can be for a massage therapist’s hands. Check for the features of any of the models like ijoy massage chair, homedics massage chair, human touch massage chair, or dolphin massage chair, and you will find that these have plenty of features to ensure your satisfaction.