Overall Benefits of Massage Therapy

March 12, 2009 by  
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Massage therapy positively affects the individual both physically and psychologically. There are massage therapy techniques designed for both.

The physical benefits of massage therapy are galore, and people are quite conscious of the physical benefits of the regimen like reducing muscle tension, and reducing the uneasiness and cramps during pregnancy. Certain forms of massage therapy like medical massage therapy and sports massage therapy are extensively used for treating injuries like tears and sprains of muscles and ligaments, common among athletes. In fact athletes benefit immensely by the different types of massage therapy. The improved blood circulation, the better breathing ability, and smoother working of the lymphatic system resulting from it, aid substantially in better athletic performance. Massage therapy is also helpful in healing the musculoskeletal problems that people have after a surgery. Massage therapy aids in faster healing, reduces the inflammation and pain in the joints, and also prevents the formation of scar tissue. Besides repairing damage, massage therapy can increase the range of motion of an individual by improving the flexibility of the joints. It also improves overall fitness by nourishing the skin, improving the posture, and reducing blood pressure.

Massage therapy benefits from a psychological point of view are mainly on getting rid of tension, anxiety, stress, panic etc. An overall body massage, especially one done with massage oil, gives rise to a feeling of complete relaxation and euphoria in many people. Many of the massage therapy techniques have an overall calming effect on the mind. Not just that, these massage techniques will teach you how to trace your own moods and counteract them. These overall emotional benefits translate into better coordination in personal and official interactions and build relationships and careers. Massage therapy makes a person more conscious of his mind and its abilities, and helps to foster better connections between the mind and the body.

Since massage therapy is a holistic form of treatment, much of the benefits that ensue from it are those that have a combined effect on body and mind. It cures body by curing the mind. Researches have established the ability of massage therapy to lower blood pressure and increase blood circulation. It can also facilitate the flow of lymph, leading to improved detoxification of the body. Massage therapy may not increase the strength of the muscles, but it can definitely activate the weaker muscles and thereby improve muscle tone. Different types of massage therapy can also stimulate endorphin secretion, which in turn leads to decreased feelings of pain and a feeling of euphoria and better appetite.

Your personal physician may recommend you to get a medical massage therapy or your athletic coach may recommend you to get a sports massage therapy. They are fully justified in their recommendations. Depending upon your health requirement, the massage therapy may help in healing an injury to a joint or muscle, or improve your muscle tone and overall strength and fitness. Sometimes a massage therapy may be a post-operative or convalescent requirement. Your health care provider will be able to guide you as to where you can find a therapist with a valid massage therapy license.