Opting for the Best Massage Chair

March 11, 2009 by  
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Massage therapy is extremely beneficial to health and no one disputes it. However, everybody may not be able to fit in a massage therapy session into his busy schedule. For others, the cost of a massage therapy session may be the inhibiting factor. At least a partial solution to this problem can be found by opting for chair massage therapy. In this, an automated massage chair allows a user to experience much of the comforts and benefits of a normal massage. And when you opt for chair massage therapy, you can do it at home or anywhere you choose, because even portable massage chairs are available.

A massage therapy chair can offer immense health benefits to you. Its robotic action massages the tissues of the back and improves the movement of fluids in those areas. A chair massage therapy also helps in dilating blood vessels and thereby increasing circulation. Massage chairs, whether they are a human touch massage chair, or ijoy massage chair, also facilitate the removal of body wastes as well. The healing benefits of massage chairs are also substantial. Injuries sustained by soft tissues heal fast by undergoing chair massage therapy, and so does contusions and swellings. Massage chairs are great stress relievers as well. Some of the better known massage chairs that help in stress relieving are shiatsu massage chair, homedics massage chair, panasonic massage chair, human touch massage chair etc.

While buying a massage chair, there are many things to be taken into consideration. It has to be one that you feel comfortable in, irrespective of whether its massaging properties are good or bad. Then check out its massage facilities and decide whether these are suitable for you. Some massage chairs does intensive massage while others does only very light massage. Either of these could be good for you, based upon the amount of massage that you require. However, a golden mean between these two would be the best option while choosing a massage chair. Next thing to be taken into consideration is the range of massages that the specific type of massage chair allows, be it a shiatsu massage chair, or dolphin massage chair, or homedics massage chair. Different massage chairs are programmed to do different types of massages, like foot and calf massages, back massages, or arm massages. They may also be designed to do rolling, kneading, or compression. The wider the range of motions that a massage chair has got, the better would its utility be for overall improvement of health. And a massage chair that can perform a variety of massages would be helpful for all the members of the household.

Another thing that you can look for in a massage chair is its accessories. Some massage chairs offer a leg rest that will help the user to relax better. Some massage chairs even come with a music therapy system. A shiatsu massage chair will have all options of the traditional Japanese medical system of shiatsu massaging. And there are several brands like ijoy massage chair, human touch massage chair, dolphin massage chair, homedics massage chair, and panasonic massage chair that come with a wide range of functions. As long as it suits your pocket, you can opt for any of these massage chairs.