How to Find a Good Massage Therapist

March 9, 2009 by  
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Massage therapy is a great healer and a feel good agent. It provides benefits galore to the body and the mind. It tends to the needs of the body by reducing muscle tension and improving circulation. And it tends to the needs of the mind by reducing tension and anxiety and giving a sense of relaxation. Benefits of massage therapy are especially seen in healing the damages to ligaments, tendons, and muscles, resulting from wear and tear or due to injury. However, to get the optimum benefits from massage therapy, it is important that the massage should be done by a therapist quite skilled in the profession. The best therapist is required to help the body to heal well and ensure that the patient gets his money’s worth.

Before zeroing in on a good therapist, you should study and analyze well the different types of massage therapy. The requirements of a person who wants to undergo massage therapy for anxiety is a little different from the one who wants a sports massage therapy. First you should be completely sure of the type of massage therapy you need, and then you should search for a therapist who has got expertise in that specific type of massage.

When you are going to a massage therapist for the first time, you should query whether he has got experience in the specific type of massage therapy that you require, whether it be trigger point massage therapy or shiatsu massage therapy. If he does not have, you have to widen your search till you find someone who has real expertise in the required type of massage therapy. It may take some time to get one, but you cannot compromise on that.

Another matter, that should weigh your considerations while selecting a therapist, is his possession of a valid massage therapy license. There are agencies that issue a massage therapy license after testing a therapist. So, it is preferable to opt for one who has got a license. Of course, a license need not be the sole deciding criterion for choosing a therapist. But other things being equal, it is better to opt for a therapist who has a massage therapy license, than one who does not have it.

As in the case of most other things, a massage therapist can also be chosen on personal recommendation. It will always be fruitful to go on the recommendation of those who have undergone, or are currently taking massage therapy sessions. They will have first hand knowledge about skilled massage therapists and their recommendations can always be relied upon.

You are strongly advised to be a bit cautious about choosing the right therapist for you. There are too many in the profession and it is a bit difficult to decide who are genuine, or who are more suited to your needs. You opt to go for massage therapy because you have special requirements for a massage, be it massage therapy for anxiety, or medical massage therapy, or whatever. So continue searching till you get a massage therapist who is fully suited to your requirements.