Supplies that Every Newborn Needs

January 7, 2009 by  
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Although you might have a good idea of the supplies you will need for your newborn, there might be a few things overlooked, which we will cover.

The most obvious supply is diapers. Even though you know your newborn will need diapers, you might be surprised to find out the vast number the baby will go through daily. Disposable diapers are convenient but also expensive. Cloth diapers are more affordable but they also require special sanitization and cleaning. You will need to weigh the pros and cons, choosing the type of diaper that works best for your lifestyle and budget.

Along with diapers there are various supplies needed to keep your new baby clean. To absorb urine, clean out ears and the nose, keep the umbilical cord clean while healing, and so on, we suggest you keep cotton balls, cotton swabs, lotion, baby oil, and alcohol on hand at all times.

Medical supplies will also be needed to care for your newborn. Even healthy babies will have moments of being sick so you want to be prepared. For instance, babies get diaper rash, which can be very painful. To ensure your baby’s bottom is clean, not painful, and healing, you want quality diaper rash cream or ointment.

You might even call your baby’s pediatrician, asking for a prescribed ointment that can help with pain and itching. This type of ointment works great for accidental scrapes from the baby’s nails or the healing of the umbilical cord. A great supply to have is good, old-fashioned petroleum jelly. With a cotton swab, you can keep the umbilical cord soft so it falls of easier, or moisten any rough spots on the baby’s body. While you might not need them at all, we also suggest you keep small Band-Aids and gauze nearby along with adhesive tape.

Babies also get mucous build up in the nose, which can make breathing hard. For this, all you need is a sucker ball, also known as a nasal aspirator. This tiny device suctions out the mucous quickly and with no pain. A digital thermometer is another baby supply you will need. These come in various designs to include one that is rubbed on the forehead or a pacifier with a built in thermometer.

While these seem like little things, having these essential supplies ready to use will prove to be a lifesaver.

In addition to diapers and other supplies mentioned for your newborn, you will also need to supply various types of clothing. Newborns tend to be colder than older babies do so you want to make sure you can regulate the body temperature. Of course, you do not want the baby to get overheated either but having several lightweight and heavier clothing items will help.

For instance, 100% cotton tee shirts, those with snap openings for the arms and head are definitely a staple item. Your newborn will spit up often, which is why it is important to have several shirts for changing.

As mentioned, along with the lighter weight items, you also need clothing items. Babies lose most heat from the scalp so hats and hooded jackets work well. Additionally, keeping your baby’s head covered when outside helps to eliminate sunburn is important. A newborn has very sensitive skin that can burn easily and while some sunshine is important, too much is dangerous.

Along with sunburn, babies also get heat rash. To keep your baby cool on hot days so rash does not develop, we recommend you keep many onesies around. These one-piece cotton outfits are easy to put on and take off, just make sure they are loose enough so there is good ventilation.

Just as your baby needs to be cool on hot days, he or she needs to be warm on cold days. Keeping sweatshirts and jackets as a part of the wardrobe allows you to slip one on easily whenever needed.

Finally, those cute little feet also need protecting, which can be done with socks or booties.