Why Babies Love Musical Toys

April 21, 2009 by  
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There is something so intrinsically beautiful about music that even the youngest of babies respond to it. Musical toys have always been a favorite with babies, and are essentially the only real baby toys that can combine entertainment with education.

Babies love music. Take advantage of this with the Learn and Groove Alphabet Drum, which lights up with an alphabetic letter and makes music if it’s thumped by the baby! While babies love this drum, their parents will definitely be grateful for the volume control knob!

Why not introduce your baby to the fundamentals of music with the Musical Toy Box Bench? This little toy box comes in multiple colors and has a tiny xylophone at the back side with two small mallets. When you tap the back, you’ll hear the music. Then strike the bell, and watch the baby laugh as it peals! This toy really does wonders with development of the baby’s hearing and sound recognition skills!

The Musical Rocker from Levels of Discovery is a really cool musical baby toy with a xylophone attached to the armrest. Using a mallet to tap on it will release beautiful music which soothes the baby. And when you tap the small keyboard in the back, a lovely melody flows out. This colorful durable baby toy is so special; you might just keep it for yourself!

The Band In a Box is a more sophisticated musical baby toy for slightly older babies. It has hand cymbals, a triangle, tambourine and maracas; all of which increase your child’s choices about what he likes! This safe and colorful baby toy will teach your baby to differentiate between musical sounds as well as improve hand coordination. Also, it provides a whole lot of fun for the baby! A wooden storage case is provided for stowing away the Band in a Box.

If you’re one of those who want to teach their baby the piano, then the Piano Pal Hippo is your ideal musical toy! This toy pal for your baby is very purple and very fun! It opens it mouth wide, not to show its tonsils, but to reveal a toothy keyboard for your baby to play! And when your baby will press any tooth, she’ll hear one of the classic nursery rhymes. Your baby can also press the keys to play notes of her choice once you change the settings.

As your baby grows, another ideal musical toy is the Doodlebops Keytar which joins the shape of the guitar with a keyboard. Created out of light, durable plastic, this baby toy can play single notes, chords or even entire songs! Your baby can repeat what he hears, and have a great time as he learns music with this sixteen inch musical instrument!

The Disney Princess Guitar is another exotic musical baby toy that your child graduates to after the other simpler toys. Pretty soon, you’ll walk into a toy store with your child and she’ll want ‘that one, please!’ This pink musical guitar covered with popular female characters of Disney Films is the real deal. Your child will learn a lot about the guitar by strumming with the Disney Princess Guitar, and improve her music as well as her musical sound discernment! And of course, it has massive entertainment value for kids!

All too soon, you’ll hear your child making the sweetest music you’ve ever heard. And if they display any sort of musical talent, you know who to call. The record companies!