What An Activity Gym Can Do For Your Baby!

April 18, 2009 by  
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As any parent will tell you, having a baby is not an easy job! Babies tend to have a lot of energy, which gets recharges as they sleep. And if you’re one of the lucky parents, you’ll find your baby sleeping a lot. But when the baby is up, he or she will be raring to go! It’s a bit like an On-Off button will no medium control, according to most parents! The best thing to do to occupy your baby is to purchase an activity gym!

Activity gyms give your baby a chance to expend all the energy in different ways! They contain different components built in a manner which improves eye-hand coordination, increases strength of arms and legs, and more importantly, provides a tool to exercise the mind. At their age, this is very important!

Babies also need to build up arm and leg strength, to help them have healthier bodies as they grow up! After all, strength isn’t only the forte of adults and muscle-bound jocks! As babies grow, their bones become harder and their muscles also develop to enable them to grip firmly, stand upright and perform other physical functions. Activity gyms are thus essential baby toys which develop the muscles, as well as encourage activities which aid in keeping the internal organ systems in order, which is similar to what these activities do for adults!

An activity gym is a fascinating learning toy for babies. It has knobs, mobiles, wheels, and other parts that the baby learns to twist, turn and move in order to get what it wants: the lights and sounds! Doing this enables the baby to learn to differentiate between things as well as to learn to maneuver and control. A baby can learn the difference between different motions, such as rotating and push-pull, with this baby toy. After all, all these activities develop the baby’s mind to exploring new things as it grows.

Take in mind a five in one adjustable activity gym.

The first stage consists of a motion-activated kick pad and colorful toys to bat. This can do wonders with eye-hand coordination. It also helps the child to recognize and respond to movement. The second stage has plenty of lights and sounds which are operated by push buttons. This is an exceptional method for developing sight and hearing of the baby, as well at to teach their mind to associate movement with certain responses.

The third stage has a child-level bar which is perfect for babies who are learning to stand. It gives support to the baby, and is very safe and sensible!

What make the five in one activity gym unique are the fourth and fifth stages! These provide a play table with an easel, games and several art projects. These help your baby develop talents hitherto undiscovered. Perfectly safe, this stage is important for all babies since it leads to manipulation of shapes, color recognition and so on, which aids in developing the senses.

One of the best activity gyms is the Kick and Drive gym, which can be very fascinating for your baby! With the steering wheel which controls direction of the gym, babies learn are movements which helps them for life! Mobiles hanging overhead with various colored shapes help the baby to distinguish color and shapes. Rollers also move in a form that can provide hours of entertainment to the baby.

Simple activity gyms such as the Animal Friends Musical Gym are also a bit hit with babies and their parents! The baby will feel at ease as it tries to explore within a safe pad adorned with cartoon animal characters. The dangling animal soft toys will work to entertain the baby whilst also giving them a chance to stretch and move!

There are many benefits of activity gyms; more than we have ever expected! If you have a baby, get one. There’s no better way for your child to expend energy as well as develop the mind and body. So it’s activity gyms all the way!