Playmats- Lots Of Fun For Baby And You!

April 12, 2009 by  
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Any parent will want their baby to have a playmate that is durable, safe, fun, colorful, comfy, and… did I state safe? I did! Yes, one that is ultimately the safest for your baby. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of playmates on the market today that fulfill all your wants in a playmat for your baby!

The Happy Jungle Playmat is one of these simply amazing play mats. It’s so soft and colorful; your child will love it! And, it’s made of very durable fabric, so you won’t have to worry about it tearing, which could be hazardous for your baby. This playmat is decorated with a zebra, monkey, elephant and giraffe; forming a zoo at home for the baby! Your baby has a lot of options with this playmat: she can decide to squeeze the monkey’s banana or exercise her jaws using the elephant’s teething ring, or even pull the giraffe’s legs!

The Fold n’ Go Bear Playmat is yet another awesome playmat, with so many colors that your baby will be dazzled! A sewn-in yellow bear provides comfort and protection for your baby as he nestles into the comfy arms and rests his head on an incredibly soft shoulder. As baby sleeps, bear’s head looks over the playmate to ensure the safety of baby. And when baby wakes, he’ll begin to play with the squeezable frog speakers and look into the ladybird mirror. He’ll also want to start playing in the attachable frog pond!

The Surfboard Tummy Time playmat is an ideal way to visit the beach in your living room! Each side of the play mat has attached stuff on rings that will fascinate the baby. It even has a prop-up pillow so that your baby can keep his head up over the ‘waves’! The fish squeaks loudly when squeezed. And if you want more fun for the baby, fill up the removable pouch with water, so that your baby is occupied with the small aquarium! Parents also like the added growth chart that enables them to keep an eye on the baby’s growth pattern.

Playmats don’t necessarily have to be flat, right? Go for the Peek and Play Discovery Dome. Your baby will love it! It’s very safe, very colorful and very strong! Sturdy material covers the firm but soft supports to form a small tent that will provide protection to the baby. Babies love this playmat, since they can play Peek-a-boo in it, and have masses of fun! Both ends have a light transparent mesh material covering them so you can keep an eye on the baby. He’ll love playing with the hanging toys and dropping the play balls down the chute!

This amazing playmat has a lot of awesome toys. The ribbon-haired monkey, the fish rattle, the spider teething ring, the monkey rattle, the pretend squeaker phone, the play balls; all form a vast assortment of toys for his enjoyment!

When you decide to buy a playmat for your baby, do some research and opt for the best. The playmats featured above are some of the best and safest in the market. Go get them today!