It’s Bath-time! Bring Out The Baby Toys!

April 9, 2009 by  
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Having fun in the bathtub is a great way to end your baby’s day! With the vast range of baby toys for baths available on the market today, this is easier done than said!

The Rubber Duck has been around for a long time, and will continue to be around forever! We’ve all played with this classic toy too. Here’s a change. How about a colorful pelican then? Squirt the Pelican is an amazing bath-time toy, where water splashed or shot into its mouth fills up the bucket under its beak and makes the pelican squawk and tip when full! Amazing, right?

Where else can you introduce a baby to sailing? Opt for different colored sailing boats which will entertain the baby whilst you teach him color recognition! Babies will have a lot of fun with these boats, and what’s more, they’re really awesome for eye-hand coordination! Most baby bath toys such as the sailboats are quite small; 3 inches in size, so it’s easy to fit more of them into the bathtub!

Kids love drawing. Young children find great entertainment in drawing pictures and love to show off what they’ve drawn. From the age of eighteen months onward, place Tadoodles Washable Bath Crayons in their hands, and watch the results! These crayons are in the shape of a dog, pig and elephant, which actively create a fun atmosphere in the bathtub. Whatever the baby draws will wash off immediately. What’s more: these shaped crayons float in the water, making for a lot of fun and games for toy and baby!

The 3-in-1 Music Island is another bout of entertainment in the bathroom! Start off the music with the octopus jingle shaker after putting the fish handle inside the tub. Tap the xylophone to ring out the tub tunes. Alternatively, let them beat the drum for a bit of fun! The 3-in-1 Music Shaker comes with sheet music, if you want to teach your child the music! It’s guaranteed to make you laugh as hard as your baby!

If you fancy letting your child play a musical instrument, try out the Tub Tunes Water Trumpet which makes real music and is an ideal baby bath toy since it’s made of unbreakable plastic! You can also opt for the five colorful Water Flutes and fill them with different amounts of water to create various notes! Fun and learning for the baby, fun for you! Waterproof music sheets make for a more enjoyable experience when you’re teaching your child music in the bath!

Place a farm animal such as a cow, lamb, chicken, horse or pig into the bathtub and squeeze it to squirt out water! This is bound to make her laugh and, she’ll also want to try it. This helps in building hand muscles, and promotes learning of cause and effect! These farm animals come in lots of colors and are extremely safe for the baby with no toxic fluids!

Your child might want to be a writer in the future. What better place to start than the bathtub? Huge squeezable pens give them the freedom to write, doodle and draw what they want on the tub with safe and washable goo. You can also teach them quite a bit in the bathtub using these pens!

Bath-time can be very entertaining for the baby as well as the parents. With all the fun you’re having, you have to remember something important. And this is very important! Please DO NOT forget to bath the baby!