How Learning Toys Help Your Baby Grow!

April 6, 2009 by  
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Learning baby toys are the most popular toys available today. It’s easy to see why! Babies love exploring and seeing new things. They are fascinated by new experiences, and even new people who pop into their lives! And when you provide them with something that amuses them and fascinates them at the same time, you’re in the game!

One of the most popular learning toys of all time is the stacker. This toy consists of a cone and a concentric set of rings which fit onto the cone in the right order. It’s safe, it’s sensible, and it’s famous for two key values: fun and education! Your baby will learn a lot about shapes and how they should fit together, and have a lot of fun in the process!

Babies love the computer, as most parents have found out to their detriment when a misplaced finger on a key causes havoc with work! The easiest solution: Get the baby her own ‘computer’! According to some research done in this field, very young babies can also learn a lot with the right infant-appropriate software!

Your baby will amaze you with a keytopper that young children can easily hold on to! When your baby matches the picture of the dog on the screen with the sound ‘dog’, you’ll feel so proud of your little one! Babies can also pick out a melody from several options, and differentiate shapes such as circles and rectangles with only a little guidance!

Babies tend to pick the basic of math quite quickly. A three year old will show you how he can count to ten and match certain shapes with certain numbers. It’s quite astounding! These LeapPad systems are remarkable, be it in English or in Spanish!

With Dr. Seuss, babies start learning with learning toys at a very young age! The Wocket in My Pocket is a prime example of this, with many games that teach the little one and exercise his imagination with all the letters, pictures and rhymes. Beginning phonics enables babies to relate certain sounds to their meanings, and form the foundation of the language that the baby will learn.

The Learn & Groove Alphabet Drum is another learning toy that will teach your baby the alphabet in no time! Every baby likes to make a lot of noise by thumping a drum! And as they thump this drum, a letter of the alphabet appears with lights and sounds which fascinate the baby! Instead of wanting the noise to stop, you’ll actively encourage it! Of course, parents will be grateful for the volume knob on the drum!

The LittleTouch Learning System is another favorite with most parents. The pioneer of the electronic baby book, this learning baby toy is made of a durable plastic covering the electronic circuits within. The thick pages offer an assortment of music, words, rhymes and phrases which induce the baby to start on the learning path sooner than ever! Even your six month old will love pressing the buttons and pages and watching the animated characters and texts materialize!

And if you collect these LittleTouch books, you’ll have a complete set from which your child will learn to recognize shapes, numbers, alphabets and colors! And what’s more, your child’s reading capabilities will develop that much faster!

If you take a look at all the learning baby toys available today, you might just want to re-enter your childhood! Get the best of them for your little baby.