Exciting Science Toys For Your Little Ones!

April 3, 2009 by  
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Babies begin to learn from the moment they leave the womb. They learn to breathe, to open their eyes, to recognize their mothers. They explore their new world through sight, sound, smell, taste and feel. And as they grow, they learn about cause and effect, about noticeable patterns, about recognition of colors and so on. For little children, learning is a form of entertainment, and this entertainment is best provided by the large variety of science toys available today!

The Meteor Storm Globe is endlessly fascinating for your little one! Pressing the knob switches it on, and it lights up marvelously using the colorful LED lights that are housed within! When the baby holds the Meteor Storm Globe, it blazes into light, and when they let go, it stops! It’s a simple science toy which offers a lot of entertainment to your tot!

The Barbie Globe from Oregon Scientific is another science baby toy which can be used to teach geography to your kids! This interactive globe works by pressing on any continent and selecting a category such as People and Customs, Animals, Food, Language, Geography and so on. This electronic toy will hold your 3 year old spellbound with all the colorful lights and sounds. It also has a LCD display at the base which shows images as the red LED on the globe lets your child track his path! The Barbie Globe also contains a Barbie Travel Book!

Biology is a favorite with most kids, and giving them the Eyeclops handheld microscope is the right way to go about teaching it! To see any object of your choice magnified two hundred times, place it under the lens after plugging the Eyeclops into the TV. It is also an ideal way to have fun and learn lots about nature; leaves, insects, mushrooms!

The inflatable butterfly is fifty times its actual size. And if you get the whole set: egg, caterpillar, cocoon and adult butterfly, your children can have fun with them as well as learn about the lifecycles of this striking creature! Included with the inflatable butterfly set is a repair kit and activity guide. This colorful creature will provide hours of entertainment for your kids, as well as the chance to learn something new!

The Anatomy Apron is made out of washable vinyl and is ideal for an anatomy lesson! Covered with color illustrations of the body organs such as the lungs, heart, liver, stomach and kidneys, the Anatomy Apron consists of detachable organs which attach with Velcro and enable your child to play surgeon! Young kids are enthralled by the look of their body organs! The Anatomy Apron contains a teacher’s guide and activity booklet for kids too.

Small stethoscopes for kids prove to be very entertaining, allowing your child to play doctor and listen to their own heartbeats and yours too! Built with a durable listening circle and secure ear buds, this stethoscope works almost as well as the real model! Your kids will try it out on anyone and everyone they can get, including your dog, cat, hamster and so on!

Encourage your little scientist to learn more with the mesmerizing Mysterious Magnet Tube! Consisting of iron filings which are safely enclosed by the tube, it will provide hours of entertainment for your child as he learns all about the essence of magnets and the shapes magnets make with iron filings! With the Mysterious Magnet Tube is included an activity book with lots of entertaining activities for the little one!

The 48-piece Solar System Puzzle is another remarkable discovery that provides fun for one and all! This puzzle is quite large: 36″ by 24″, and is quite interesting for kids! Made of durable and thick cardboard, your kids will really enjoy learning everything about the planets!

Purchase any of these science toys, and you’ll see your child bloom with knowledge! Children are by nature, inquisitive, and getting them science toys will actively fuel this inquisitiveness and enable them to have fun in the process!