Electronic Baby Toys And DVDs For Today’s Child

March 31, 2009 by  
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As time goes by, we move more and more into an age where advances in technological use have become the norm. Computers, DVDs, TVs, Video Games and the like are utilized more than ever before. And in this age, our children are also learning to get the hang of this ‘new-fangled’ technology faster than we did! Most child experts do not condone exposing children to these gadgets early on, but parents have different ideas! They go all out to buy the best in electronic toys for their kids. Why is this?

Simple! A parent wants his child to have the latest stimulation and education gadgets for the young mind. Different from toys which only keep the baby happy, electronic baby toys enhance the imagination of the babies and develop their minds! After all, learning should be an interesting process! Also, amusing your child with these toys is much easier with all the special effects available today. So you really can have the best of both worlds!

Sesame Street was one of the pioneers of this whole concept. Sesame Street’s colorful and fun-loving characters form an exciting platform for both education as well as amusement. Their adventures enable children to exercise their imaginations as well as learn along with Elmo and his friends! Even today, Elmo remains a favorite electronic baby toy of every child in the Western World.

Many parents use video as a technique to occupy their babies while they take a short break. While video can be used as an amusement feature for the baby, it should not be taken to excess! Television and video can be used to start off the learning process at a very young age. A DVD for babies has a full cacophony of sounds, kaleidoscope of colors and colorful dancing creatures having awesome adventures that babies would never get to experience otherwise!

Electronic toys promote learning. Young babies at eighteen months start grabbing the concept of counting. A baby will sense and tell you that one and one make two ones! However, at this age, the concept of numbers is alien, and begins to develop later. A DVD is therefore an ideal way to promote this knowledge. This DVD will also work in exercising their imaginations and serve to entertain them to no end!

However, electronics and videos have a larger role in your baby’s life than simple education. They actively stimulate the imagination, enhance mental capabilities and encourage exploration of the world around the baby. Apart from DVDs, video players and computers also act as stimulation tools to encourage the child by using both sensory as well as emotional education and fun!

By giving your child electronic toys, you are actively giving him an interaction tool which stimulates and develops touch, sight and hearing capabilities of the baby. They encourage color differentiation, sound differentiation, pressure distinction and comparison of other aspects of the baby’s world. Babies also learn, albeit unknowingly, about the concept of cause and effect. These are the most basic skills which are the starting point of informal learning.

Babies tend to observe and imitate characters that are fascinating and wondrous to them. Elmo, Thomas the Train and even Barney are favorites who encourage your baby to learn his ABCs. What parent will not want their child to learn through fun and entertainment? This is where DVDs and Videos come into the picture! Where is Elmo? Why, he’s right here on this DVD!

Your baby needs the best and most exciting start in life. And electronic toys such as baby DVDs are just the way to provide it!