Cool Riding Toys For Your Tots

April 20, 2009 by  
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At one point in time, the rocking horse was the only riding toy available. Today, there is a large assortment of riding toys on the market that will wow parents who are looking for the perfect one for their child!

Children love imitating their parents. You’ll have noticed this with the speech! So they’re ecstatic when they can pretend to drive their little pink sedan from the living room (house) to the guest room (store)! They drive around pretending to do the shopping and visiting with friends and have immense fun! So get this little lady and watch your toddler have a hoot!

How about a farm riding toy for your little boy or girl? The Cub Cadet Tractor and Trailer gives your little one a chance to play farmer in the yard! This set of Tractor and Trailer is very safe and sturdily made of durable plastic, so it can easily support your child’s weight. As a matter of fact, it can even haul that big teddy bear who’s been trying to get the goldfish out of the house for a punishment!

The Cub Cadet Tractor and Trailer doesn’t need the little ones to wear out their tiny legs peddling, since it is electric! Other features of this toy include movement at 2-4 miles per hour, which is quite safe for your kid. With the Cub Cadet, your child will never be bored and will find many, many excuses to take his toys for a ride tooting the horn all the way! Simple automatic brakes enable safe and easy stopping. This sturdy toy can handle 85 pounds of weight easily, so make sure your dog doesn’t go along for the ride too!

How about a little excavating with the Riding Excavator? You have a sandpile and you have a little child. What next? Make your child wear the safety helmet, which of course, is only for your child to feel all-important, since the Riding Excavator is a very safe plastic riding toy! The controls are so simple that even an eighteen month old can handle them!

The control stick makes the front move up and down, so it’s quite easy to scoop up the sand and deposit it elsewhere. The Riding Excavator is an ideal baby toy with lots of fascinating engine sounds. Of course, your baby’s hands are very safe! It runs on 4 ‘C’ batteries, and can carry up to seventy five pounds. So it’s fun all the way!

Get on the Elmo Petmobile and off you go! Your little ones can easily wheel themselves around the entire house, and pull and push the shifter as they wish! The Elmo Petmobile has a pet care table (dual-functionality of the seat) while its interior can hold lots and lots of toys! So when it’s adventure time, your tot can set up the toys within the small landscape scene, play with them and then pack up for another whiz on the Elmo Petmobile!

Featuring Elmo’s voice, the Elmo Petmobile contains five push buttons for various sound effects and colorful lights. So when you switch on the ignition, it growls into action with lights and sounds! Fascinating for the baby, relief for you, because it’s very safe! It requires only 2 ‘AA’ batteries, which ensure that the petmobile only moves as fast as your child can push! With all these features, you’re looking at a colorful multi-functional riding baby toy which is as much fun for the baby as it is for you!

Also, let’s not forget Dora and Diego, the classic rocking horses! Whenever your baby wants to have wild adventures in the West, then Dora and Diego rush to the rescue! They might not be as fast as the Yellow Jacket Pedal Plane, but they offer the same sort of fun!