Characters and Action Figure Heroes For Your Baby

March 22, 2009 by  
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Since time immemorial, children have always loves the concept of dashing heroes! They love fantasizing about being the action figures and heroes that they see in comic books, video games and TV. Many times, it’s a crime-fighting action hero like Spiderman or Batman. Or else, it’s a jolly man like Thomas the Train or one of his friends! Whatever the type of action figure, one thing is common: even babies love them!

Barbie has always been a popular choice with girls’ right from childhood! One of the most favorite baby girl toys, Barbie grows up with the baby too. The vast range of Barbie dolls with different costumes and accessories prove that there isn’t anything that Barbie cannot do, which is why most children love it! Barbie in combats is also an action hero, after all!

Barbie can start off her day as a ballerina and graduate to becoming a business executive, and then dress up for a date with her Ken. On weekends, Barbie teaches soccer, which proves that she can do almost anything! Barbie is a baby girl toy which will entertain and amuse your little one up until her teens and beyond!

Spiderman is also a favorite with both girls and boys. A cool crime fighter with a costume, he flies high between buildings looking for justice! Stylish and graceful, Spiderman rules the hearts of children all over the world. The Spiderman chopper trike lets your child run along the patio, whilst the Spiderman bed lounger acts as an inducement for your child to go to sleep with his best superhero!

Younger children prefer Thomas & Friends, because Thomas is so jolly and fun! Friends like Rosie the tomboy tanker have helped to popularize Thomas, as have all the log loaders, oil tankers and the battery-operated Salty Engine! And once Rusty reunites with the whole construction gang, they all go zooming down the tracks!

Elmo is another major favorite of kids from all over the world, or rather, from everywhere where Sesame Street is featured on TV! The colorful character, orange face and huge eyes that Elmo sports draw kids in, along with his charm. Elmo software is ideal for starting off your child at the computer, while Elmo alphabet games help your child learn the alphabet and have heaps of fun along the way! Your child can learn to doodle and write the alphabet using the Elmo coloring book, which is both durable and washable. Great, isn’t it!

Winnie the Pooh is a big softie loved by kids for his funny antics with honey, clumsiness and above all, his lovability! Winnie doesn’t fight crime, but he does have fun on various adventures that happen during excursions in the forest! Tigger doll is bouncing his body off, while Roo watches in wonder from the security of Kanga’s pouch. All the while Piglet is shaking his head in absolute amazement! Buy your child the Winnie the Pooh Dough Bucket so they can make and enjoy these delightful creatures all by themselves!
Babies love all sorts of action figures. So get some, and watch your child develop his personality! It’s that easy!