Car Seats And Stroller Toys For Your Baby

March 19, 2009 by  
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Nobody likes to be strapped somewhere with nothing to do, and babies are no exception to this! Fortunately for parents, keeping babies happy in their car seats or strollers is quite easy: using baby toys!

Mobile baby toys can really hoodwink you! They seem to be so basic, and yet they have a lot of hidden features! One example of these is the Magnet Mates. Magnet Mates are cute and colorful dolls which look extremely plain and yet hold all types of baby accessories in their hands: rattling ring, teether, mirror and squeakers. Awesome! They’re really a lot of fun for the baby!

Magnet Mates open a new heaven for babies by exposing them to the wonderful world of magnets! Fifteen inches tall, these baby toys aid the baby in developing dexterity and fine motor skills as the baby tries to position them. Made of magnets, these Magnet Mates can be attached to any steel surfaces or even to each other. This makes them extremely mobile!

Most strollers have a bar in front which aids in making the baby safe and protected. This bar can also be used as a holding point for many mobile baby toys. An example of such toys is the Activitot Stroller Trio.

The Activitot Stroller Trio consists of a rattling buoy, a pacifier loss prevention band and a whale teether, which entertain your child in the stroller. Activitot toys that can be attached to the stroller bar come in a vast range that ensures that your baby is never bored! A bottle holder is part of this baby toy, which offers a lot of functionality for the parent!

A Zoo Mobile also does wonders when you’re traveling in the car or even walking to the store with the baby in the stroller! Your baby will be vastly amused by the colorful animals which are also ideal for learning color and shape recognition. The chimes will also serve to entertain your baby. More so, this toy giggles with the baby as you fasten it to the window in the car!

If you want your child to laugh with joy, you might want to try the Playskool Giggle face, which makes comical sounds and funny faces at the baby! The Playskool Giggle face looks like a naughty monkey with polka dotted and striped legs, and very colorful arms that the baby can touch and amuse itself with! And when the baby pushes the monkey’s ears, its mouth pops open and laughs! All this is accomplished using only 3 AAA batteries! It really is amazing!

If your baby perpetually loses his pacifier, don’t lose hope! The new range of Pacifinders is created out of safe and clear plastics which have plenty of colored shapes within to attract attention to them. Along with the large size, this makes it hard to lose this one baby toy that can keep your child comfortable like nothing else!

And if you take your baby’s comfort buddies with you, such as the Neck Pillow Cat and Cleo the Cowgirl, your baby will be too busy having fun to mind being strapped into her seat! Advantage one to you!