Making a Footprint Baby Photo Frame For Happy Memories

August 29, 2009 by  
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Given the amount of pictures proud parents take of their little one, they can never have to many baby photo frames. With each stage of the baby’s development, there is another round of photos to be framed. This on-going process requires rather a lot of frames.

With this in mind, isn’t it a good idea to make your own? Not only will you always have a frame for the photos of your baby, but they will be beautifully unique and special. If you are a bit short of ideas for your frames, why not create a baby photo frame using your baby’s footprint? It really is very simple to do and the result is priceless.

We all know how quickly they grow up. We almost take it for granted then, in a blink of an eye, they have changed and developed a little bit more making us even more determined to hold on to these precious times.

Well, you can do just that by taking an imprint of the tiny foot and forever have that memory of when your child was just a little baby.

Obviously, you will want to do this with the least upset to your baby. There are a few different methods so you can choose which one you feel the most comfortable with.

It is essential NOT to use regular plaster for the imprint of your child’s foot, as the plaster becomes hot upon setting and may burn the foot. The delicate skin of the baby is very sensitive so it is important to be very careful with the materials used.

A much easier and safer method to take the foortprint is to use an ink kit containing no toxins that will harm you baby’s skin. Not only do these particular ink kits take the imprint very well, they are also easy to clean off.

You can use any size of photo frame, but you might want to consider using a larger frame to allow for an intricate imprint of the foot and a decent sized picture of your baby.

Within the ink kit, you will find supplies for the mold which do not heat during the setting process, also setting rapidly. It is all very quick and simple and you are then ready to complete the baby photo frame. You can easily buy baby photo frames with little baby imprints already on but it is not the same when it is not your own. You can have your own baby footprint photo frame that will last a lifetime and help you relive these precious moments that are gone way too fast.