Mealtime Baby Gifts That Create Memories

March 12, 2009 by  
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Mealtime baby gifts are very popular, as babies tend to spend quite a bit of time eating. Many of these gifts tend to be very bland, but new lines of unique mealtime utensils and tools can be used as both original and practical items.

NASCAR race fans demand fun during their child’s mealtime. Baby gifts that reflect this love include bibs and bottles bearing a racing theme. Checkered flags, race car logos, and bibs declaring they are a “pit stop” for baby’s food are not only humorous but useful.

Nature freaks enjoy sippy cups with a picture of a bear and silver plating. This is not only nice to look at, but can be used as baby learns to drink on her own. A removable plastic liner makes it easy to clean and the entire cup is presented in a pretty box. These can easily become a keepsake that is passed down to future generations.

Pewter creates a perfect option for durable gifts that serve a practical purpose. A baby gift of a pewter bowl and spoon is safe for actual use and can also be a decorative accent in the nursery. Some may be adorned with butterflies or barnyard themes, and exude a feeling of natural ambiance that compliment any d├ęcor.

Combining style with practicality is always popular, as is the case with the “Carryall Diaper Tote.” Canvas material is sturdy and strong, and able to carry all the bibs and diapers that mom could possibly need. Also consider giving a changing pad, bottles and powder for a day at the beach in lime, blue or pink color themes.

Adorable designs are always acceptable with a baby in tow. A great mealtime baby gift set includes “ducky” designs on a cup, plate and bowl packaged in a decorative box that can also become a keepsake itself. This 3-piece set is made of melamine that will not break and harm baby, and is classically designed to withstand years of changing trends.

Accompany this set with a 2-piece utensil baby gift that dons a royal theme for the little prince or princess. This fork and spoon are practical for any mealtime occasion, and are silver-plated to look like the tools of a true royal blueblood. Packaged in a keepsake box of blue or pink, this set makes a great to-go gift for picnics or days away from home.

Every baby loves all types of animals, and the 3-piece porcelain plate set includes an elephant playing the drums alongside a rabbit. The frog accompanies the elephant with his cymbals, and the entire set is given in a muslin case that is strong and outlasting.

When you can’t decide what type of gift to give the expectant parents, remember that mealtime is a very frequent and important part of baby’s life. Choose a stylish design of a practical gift that will withstand the pressures of young life and be cherished for years to come.