Tips for Choosing Between Crib, Bassinet, and Cradle

March 25, 2009 by  
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When bringing a newborn home, obviously the baby needs a comfortable and safe place to sleep, which could be a crib, bassinet, or cradle. The most important thing is to have everything ready so as soon as you arrive home, the baby will have a place to sleep. The one thing you want to avoid is putting a tiny baby in your bed in that this is very dangerous. Not only is there risk for the baby falling off the bed once he or she begins to roll, there is also risk of you accidentally rolling onto the baby during your sleep.

Okay, so now you have three options – crib, bassinet, and cradle so the ultimate choice depends on what you prefer.

We Will Start with the Bassinet

The baby bassinet has long been a choice, providing a smaller space that helps the baby feel protected. Traditionally, the bassinet is lined to provide ultimate comfort.

Today, the baby bassinet has been redesigned to where there are now models that actually convert to a crib, which means it can be used longer, saving mom and dad money on buying a crib when the baby is ready.

Looking at the Baby Cradle

The next choice is a baby cradle, which is very much like a bassinet except it is designed to rock back and forth. This gentle movement is perfect for creating a comforting environment for the baby in that it mimics movement of the womb. Sometimes, putting a crying baby in a cradle will actually help put him or her to sleep quicker than anything else will.

The only challenge is that once a baby becomes accustomed to being rocked while sleeping, moving the baby to a non-rocking crib can be an adjustment. This also means when going on vacation or to visit the grandparents, the baby may find it difficult to sleep. A great solution is to use the cradle to rock the baby only on occasion. That way, the baby is used to a stationary bed that makes travel and transition to a crib easier

Finally, the Baby Crib

There are so many gorgeous cribs, many large and roomy. Placing a tiny baby in a large crib makes him or her look lost. One of the most innovative changes is that many cribs are now designed to expand into a toddler bed. This means the crib is used for years. Unfortunately, this type of crib is more expensive than a standard crib so you will need to consider your budget.

To avoid buying more than one type of bed and ultimately saving money, most new parents will simply start with a crib. Although not as enclosed as a bassinet or cradle can pose some risk. Additionally, newborns typically prefer being in smaller spaces, again reminding them of the womb. This tighter space makes them feel more secure and safe, thereby falling asleep easier. The other side is that if you begin with a bassinet or cradle then transitioning the baby to a crib can be tough. You will need to weigh the pros and cons, as well as consider budget to make the best choice.