Summer Fun And Swimwear For Your Little Tot!

December 25, 2009 by  
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Summer’s finally here! It’s time to get some swimwear for your little one and head out to the pool! Babies love playing in water, and this is the best season to take advantage of this! Even babies who are just five weeks old love the water. Whilst swimming before the two month immunizations was not advised before, it is now! You can ask your health professional, but you’ll most definitely get a go-ahead!

Pool Diapers!

The first order of the day is to get a swim diaper for the baby. Swim diapers are either worn under other swimwear or worn alone. With a synthetic outer coating which is waterproof and a cloth lining inside, these diapers are machine washable and will deal with any solid waste released by the baby in the pool, efficiently taking care of your embarrassment in public pools! The chlorinated water can deal with urine, so you need not worry about that.


Similar to older kid’s swimwear, baby swimsuits consist of trunks or full body tanks for your baby boy. For baby girls, the bikini or one-piece style is the trend! Baby swimwear comes in cute designs and sun hats, which look adorable on the baby! Look around, but don’t expect too much for babies who are less than three months old.

Baby wetsuits are ideal for swimming since they are designed to keep your baby warm and comfortable in the water. Looking very professional and built to fit over the swim diaper, they are just the right thing for your future swim champ!

Baby floatation devices!

Floatation devices come in all shapes and forms today: inflatable swimsuits, inflatable boats, inflatable tubes, rubber rings, water wings and so on and so forth! Most floatation devices are built for kids who are more than a year old. First rule of the pool: Don’t leave your baby alone, even if he or she is in a floating device. Moreover, don’t accustom your kids to inflatable rings, since it’s going to be much more difficult for them to learn swimming without!


There is a special sunscreen for babies with a very high sun protection factor to protect your little one’s skin. A good waterproof sunscreen is essential for the baby, so apply it liberally. Sun rays are even more dangerous now, with the holes in the ozone layer, and can reflect off the water on to the skin of the baby. Cover the little one’s head too, for she is likely to complain if you make her wear a hat! Sunscreen is an essential part of a baby’s swimwear. Also, keep the hat handy for the moment after your baby is done swimming!