Stylish Diaper Changing Tables are the Ideal Baby Gear Investment

March 29, 2009 by  
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We can’t always keep our babies at home, and this makes it inevitable that we have to change them in public at some point. Carrying a portable changer or finding an equipped bathroom is usually the way to go in this case; however, at home you’ll want to ensure you have the best baby gear for times such as this.

Diaper changing tables are fast becoming just as stylish as any other piece of furniture in the house, are safe for baby, and unbelievably handy during changing time.

Classic diaper changing tables have three-levels for plenty of diaper and other baby gear storage, and are usually made of hardwood like oak or maple.

Modern influences on classic design lead to tables that incorporate such things as integrated bracing. Just like lattice work, this greatly increases the steadiness of the table, making your baby safer. Materials used to construct the tables are pressure-treated and finished to match virtually any nursery décor or theme.

Making a fashion statement with your new changing table makes it an affair that you both enjoy and love to look at. Future generations will benefit from your choices in quality baby gear as well, so consider this when looking for a new piece of baby furniture.

The latest styles in home storage options always include baskets and drawers to hide unbecoming necessities. If this is the case in your nursery, look for a diaper changing table that contains drawers instead of shelves for storing diapers and other changing supplies.

This type of table will also allow for many years of use, as it can easily become a dresser for the young one when he becomes a little older. When choosing the just-right finish on your new table, ensure it is non-toxic for baby as well.

Perhaps you’re a little short on wall space in the nursery. If this is the case for you, look for one of the new corner diaper changing tables designed to maximize space in smaller rooms. Ample amounts of changing space are implemented into these tables, but allow you to use other areas of the room for all of those larger baby gear items you need to store.

After choosing the changing table, you’ll need to pay special attention to the changing pad. Removable covers make them washable and interchangeable, and are designed to match any one of a thousand different decorative themes.

Peter rabbit baby gear themes are very popular, especially for parents who choose not to find out the baby’s sex prior to birth. Other changing pad covers are designed to match jeep baby gear, rock & roll baby gear, Winnie the Pooh baby gear, and even Tampa Bay Rays baby gear. Also find the matching portable pad to carry your chosen décor away from home, too.

If you’re shopping for twin baby gear, you might want to consider investing in two corner-style changing tables, or perhaps several different changing pads to complement your new piece of stylish furniture.