Skin Care and Grooming Baby Gear

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A baby’s skin is very important and needs to be cared for properly. Changes in skin texture and health can lend vital clues to possible underlying illnesses, but are hard to notice when skin isn’t taken care of properly.

Baby skin is very sensitive and requires special care. Your child will thank you later in life for taking great care of their skin when they were young, providing healthy skin cells to work with in later life.

Skin provides the initial barrier between your baby and the environment. It should remain supple and elastic through moisturizing and free of germs for optimal health. Several lines of skin care baby gear are available at any department store, including Johnson’s and Aveeno. Baby wipes, lotion, oil and power are available in baby gear gift kits for birthdays and showers as well.

Diaper rash is never fun, and preventing it from every occurring in the first place is perhaps the best treatment for mom and dad. Proper skin care can contribute to creating a dry environment that will help to prevent this no-fun condition during a baby’s first months of life!

Baby powder can help to keep the skin dry for this purpose, but it also contributes to creating a healthy barrier between your baby and surrounding environments. What’s more, it contributes to a baby that smells good, too!

Everyone knows that sun protection is vitally important for any age of skin, but especially important for babies. Using sunblock on all exposed areas of your baby before going outside will help to prevent harmful discoloration and sunburns. Virtually every baby gear kit will include sunblock for this purpose.

Bath time skin care products are equally important. Tear-free shampoo prevents the inevitable shampoo in the eye from irritating baby, as well as keeping hair free of dirt and grime. Baby shampoo is specially formulated to be safe and healthy for a baby’s sensitive scalp; this is the biggest difference between baby’s shampoo and that used for mom and dad.

Special creams are necessary for a wide range of skin issues. Diaper rash, when it does occur, requires special paste or cream to reduce symptoms and severity during the healing process. If your small child has eczema or another common skin condition, other special creams are available without a prescription to speed healing. These creams are formulated to rebalance the skin lipids to treat and prevent recurrences.

Ointments that heal patches of dry skin are another essential part of a baby gear kit. Small patches of dry skin, left untreated, can crack and become infected – this opens baby up to all sorts of sicknesses, and makes him uncomfortable, too.

Special scents are also available in every type of baby grooming product available for specific purposes. Lavender-scented shampoo and lotion helps baby to relax at bedtime, and lingers long enough to make him smell great during the daytime, too. These infused products can affect baby’s mood as well as skin condition when used correctly and regularly.