Shell Baby Carriers Make Life Easier

March 27, 2009 by  
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Baby carriers are one of the most-used baby gear items for little ones today throughout their first several months of life. They are designed with safety in mind, to keep baby safe and secure, while providing an ideal form of transportation for every caretaker.

These carriers may be made of fabric as is the case with slings and harness styles that keep mom and dad’s hands free for other things. However, traditional shell baby carriers are tops when it comes to value and portability.

These shell carriers look like a car seat, and may even double as one. Made of strong molded plastic, they are safe and secure. When used as a car seat, they keep baby strapped in and keep him from harmful things while traveling. A restraint system keeps him snug and safe, and will usually be used with a traditional car seat belt for added security.

Any baby gear should consider safety first to protect baby. Shell baby carriers are designed by engineers that have developed special shapes and weight distributions to keep them from toppling over or breaking due to abuse and movement from baby.

Padding is thick and swaddles baby for maximum comfort. This fabric padding is designed to withstand pressures unlike any other, preventing tears or irritating contact with the child. Snaps keep it in place, and it is typically removable to be machine washed.

Keeping a uniform theme through all baby gear items allows mom and dad to quickly identify it at get-togethers that involve other children. No one wants to take someone else’s car seat home!

This is the case with shell baby carriers; padding comes in a wide array of colors and designs, from ballerinas to camouflage for the little hunter. Coordinating this design with other baby gear items creates a uniform and stylish look as well.

Typically, restraints in the shell baby carrier are comprised of three pieces that cross the chest and hold the legs in place. These straps should not smash baby’s legs to prevent bruising and scrapes.

If mom and dad need a break from carrying baby in the shell carrier, they will typically try a fabric-style sling. However, this option isn’t very practical or comfortable. Just like pregnancy, the undue pressure on the shoulders and back create pain and discomfort for the parents. Sometimes, these slings are not able to carry baby safely and securely, either. Caretakers are required to posses a certain level of strength to be able to use a sling as well.

Parents must remember that even though slings may be stylish, they are not always very convenient. If you need to put baby down for a minute or two, you won’t be able to do so with a sling. There are also no restraints used in slings, so they can’t be used for babies once they become too active for them.

Invest in a shell baby carrier as part of your baby gear collection for a convenient way to transport and carry baby. These carriers are strong and safe, and will last for several years if needed as well.