Questions to Ask When buying a Baby Monitor

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While parents need numerous things for a new baby, one that provides an added level of safety and protection for the baby and peace of mind for mom and dad is the baby monitor. If you are a new parent, you likely want to watch your precious newborn every minute of the day but that would be impossible. However, with a baby monitor, you do have the ability to see your baby when you are doing things in other rooms of the home.

The great thing about using a baby monitor, whether audio or video is that you have the freedom to work in other rooms or even outside. When the baby awakens, you would know. This allows you to have some quiet time with your partner, play with older children, do housecleaning, work in the yard, and so on. Now, some neighborhoods may not have the same range as others so you will need to determine range for where you live. Once you know how far you can go, you can get other things done without the need to carry your beautiful baby around all day long.

As far as range for a baby monitor, remember that each type of system is slightly different. Therefore, you need to consider the size of the home, whether you want audio, video, or both, and so on so you purchase the best baby monitor for your needs. However, to help you make the best choice, you might consider the following:

* Newborn – Of course, if you have a brand new baby just home from the hospital, many parents will choose a sensor baby monitor. This system is designed to let you know if the baby turns into a position that might pose risk or begins to breathe abnormally. With a mobile sensor monitor, you would feel more at ease and with this being a portable system, it can be taken while visiting family and friends.

* Several Children – Another consideration for buying a baby monitor is the number of children in the home. For example, if you have a set of twins or even a newborn and a toddler, then you might want a video baby monitor so everyone could be watched. Typically, a system such as this comes with as many as four cameras so you can place them where needed and always have immediate view of the children. While this is a great choice in general, it works exceptionally well for sick children in that you can monitor them without being in their room all the time. In addition, a camera for a video baby monitor could be placed outside in the yard so you can keep a watchful eye on playing children if you needed to go inside.

Keep in mind that if you happen to live in an area where someone uses broadband, the video baby monitor might be affected. In this case, you would need to go with a digital video system. Not only will this work more reliably the picture will also have better clarity.

* Traveling – If you plan to take a trip with your baby or if you travel often, then a battery powered baby monitor is a great option. This mobile system simply runs on batteries and works well.

Additionally, some baby monitor systems are made to transmit signals using a cell network. Now, if you go with a monitoring system such as this, remember that you might have restriction on when the cell phone could be used and airtime might be more expensive.

* Audio for Baby – You might also consider a baby monitor that allows your child to hear you or other people in the home. With two-way communication, a baby going to sleep would be more relaxed when hearing the voices of mom and dad. Another benefit to this type of baby monitor is that when trying to get the baby to sleep or to create a peaceful environment for a sick baby, you could turn the two-way system on and play soothing music.

* Ultimate Range – As mentioned, range is a very important factor to look at when buying a baby monitor. If your home is large, then you need a system that has a stronger signal whereas if you live in smaller home or apartment, the signal would not need to be as strong. Even thick ceilings, walls, and floors could have an effect on how well the signal is received.

The key in shopping for a baby monitor is to look at all these factors so you end up with a system that will work for you and the baby. With so many options now available, you will have many models from which to choose.