Make Meal Time Easier with the Proper Baby Gear

March 24, 2009 by  
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When your baby isn’t sleeping, he’s probably eating. Thus the importance of feeding during the earliest months and years of his life. Modern baby gear makes meal time much easier on the parents, as well as maintain style and design themes throughout the home.

Much sooner than expected, a baby will begin to try to feed himself. For this purpose, modern feeding bowls are necessary to decrease messes created and cleanup time required.

Many parents love the bowls equipped with a brim to catch runaway food. This bowl reduced waste during meal time, meaning that more of it actually reaches baby’s mouth. They are also available with a suction cup that will attach to the high chair and prevent spills onto your newly finished floor.

Babies, like adults, prefer warm food. Several new warming dish designs help in this area, too. You may be able to pour hot water into a bottom compartment to heat the food, or store for later use on the road. Others are able to simply be plugged in to the nearest electrical outlet for simple warming. These are created for babies, so mom and dad can rest assured that they’re safe while performing their job.

Bottle warmers are definitely an essential baby gear item. Perhaps the first form of food your baby will ingest, bottle warmers make formula or milk more palatable and easier to digest. You are able to choose the temperature of the bottle after determining which setting your baby likes. There is also a safety switch that turns the warmer off and prevents the bottle from becoming too hot.

If mom decides to breastfeed, there are now ways to make this process easier and safer. Baby gear like breast pumps are so discreet that they can be packaged in their own carrying case or bag for pumping on-the-go. Mom can also invest in special nursing bras to make access easy no matter where she is.

After meal time, sterilization is necessary of all your baby gear. Bottles, pumps and nipples are inexpensively cleaned and sterilized with any number of kits available, without harming the actual baby gear and preventing future use. Rather than washing everything meticulously by hand, invest in a special steam cleaner that operates much like those which clean surgical tools.

High chairs have also become quite stylish and much safer. No longer flimsy and easy to knock over, newer high chairs come in a variety of styles and designs. If you are short on space, consider a booster-type chair that sits directly on top of an existing chair. If you choose a stand-alone model, make sure it is sturdy enough to withstand a temper tantrum!

Pay close attention to the mechanism used to release the tray, too. Is there a safety mechanism that will prevent baby from accidentally releasing it with his arms? This tray should easily be removed after meal time for cleaning and removing baby as well.