Hampers Are a Stylish Option Which Help to Prevent the Spread of Germs

March 23, 2009 by  
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Finding all the new baby gear needed for an upcoming birth can seem like a daunting yet exciting task. Yet, too few realize that the baby’s hamper can become a useful item that is also stylish and convenient.

Everyone gives new baby clothes that will last for the better part of the first year of a baby’s life or more. These cute little outfits are changed multiple times a day, creating a laundry list longer than your receipts for all those diapers and formula.

This is why a great hamper is so important. Hiding the mess and odors of babyhood keeps your home feeling as it should, as well as storing your to-do chore list and maintaining style and design in the nursery.

If you have pets, this hamper is especially important. Our furry family members can’t resist dirty baby clothes chock full of food stains and body fluid; they’ll claim them as their own if you don’t hide them in your new baby gear hamper!

When searching for a new hamper, consider the craftsmanship at hand. Can it withstand years of wear and tear, bumps and abuse from both animals and humans?

A sturdy frame made of metal or other material is only complimented by a great choice in fabric and pattern. However, as with all of your new baby gear, you want the hamper to remain safe for everyone. If baby pulls it over on him or the dog knocks it over, will anyone or anything be hurt in the process?

Make sure there aren’t any sharp edges or metal hardware sticking out from the hamper. Consider a hamper that’s easy to clean and sanitize, too. This will greatly reduce the level of odors and mess you’ll have to address when it’s full!

Don’t forget that babies get sick too, and these germs are carried by everything they wear and touch throughout the day. Their clothes are no exception, and you’ll want to sequester these from the outside elements and other members of your family to prevent the spread of germs.

If your new hamper is made of a nylon or plastic-like material, it will be relatively easy to spray or wipe it down with disinfectant. Some will also allow you to remove the lining completely for laundering purposes. Don’t use chlorine bleach, however, unless the manufacturer says that it’s okay. Most liners will become quite clean with mild detergent with non-chlorine bleach washed in hot water.

It is an absolute must to obtain a separate diaper hamper from the dirty laundry hamper. If you use cloth diapers, this is even more important to prevent cross-contamination.

Graco baby gear touts matching nursery tools such as diaper and other hampers, as does the line of Eddie Bauer baby gear. Remember to choose two hampers that coordinate with your nursery theme, but do not look so much alike that you may confuse the two when in a hurry! Modern designs will allow for functional and stylish choices in both diaper hampers and clothing hampers.